WordPress 2.6 for iOS Allows for Video Recording & Uploads

Stable, flexible and easy to use, WordPress is an obvious choice for those who blog for a living or just want to keep their family up-to-date on what they’ve been up to on the other side of the country. With a multitude of plug-in options, themes and the ability to host your published blog on WordPress’ servers or one of your own choosing, the platform is nothing but win for writers who want to get their content online quickly and with a minimal amount of fuss.

There was great rejoicing throughout the land when WordPress released their iOS app to the iTunes App Store a few years back. The original version of the application was a meat and potatoes sort of affair: It got the job done but wasn’t particularily flashy. Incremental updates brought eager users a few desirable bits and pieces; rounding the app out nicely by refining the user interface and allowing deeper interaction with features that WordPress users have enjoyed on their computers for a long time. The latest update of the app–version 2.6–introduces the ability to record video on your iPhone or video-equipped iPod touch, and then upload it to a WordPress blog. Now that’s classy. Also included in the update are the ability to auto save posts on your iOS device as you type them, an overhaul of how the app deals with local drafts and a number of bug fixes to improve stability. If WordPress for iOS 2.6 sounds like your cup of tea, all you need is an iTunes account and enough coin in your pocket to pay the low, low price of free. The app can be downloaded here. 


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