Will Cloud-Based Services Bolster MacBook Air Storage Space?

Flash-based storage is expensive. The average user’s file collection is expansive. With this being the case, will the MacBook Air, a device that Steve Jobs has called the future of notebooks, be able to stand up to the hype Apple’s built around it? In a word, maybe. Much of the refreshed line of diminutive notebook’s success, as well as the success any other SSD-based hardware, may teeter upon whether or not Apple has an ace up their sleeve.

According to the thoughtful folks over at All Things Digital, the Cupertino-based company may be planning to tackle the issues surrounding the current high cost of Solid State Drive technology with the enormous 500,000 square foot data center they’ve been building in North Carolina. That amount of property represents one heck of a lot of storage space. Were Apple to make the data center’s storage space available to consumers through services similar to MobileMe or, perish the thought, set up a cloud-based streaming service for media-hungry iTunes users, the trouble of having limited hardware-bound storage would become moot.

With the runaway success of cloud-based storage services, such as Dropbox, it’s a pretty good bet that Apple is taking a long hard look at what All Things Digital is suggesting.


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