White iPhone 4 Spotted in the Wild

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In this episode of the Man vs. iPhone, we go deep into the jungles of Cupertino where the mysterious white iPhone 4 has been spotted in it’s natural habitat. According the folks at Pocket-lint, at a press event in New York City a man was spotted carrying around a white iPhone 4, and while the man didn’t want to reveal any personal details, he did share some potentially valuable information about the white iPhone 4 shortage of 2010.

According to the blog, the mystery man was able to snag a white iPhone 4 from a person working at the Apple campus, where apparently there is an abundance of white iPhones. So, why then isn’t the iPhone available? According to the man, the two manufacturing suppliers that Apple has chosen are unable to exactly match the white color used on the home button and the faceplate.

This mismatch of colors has no doubt left the Apple perfectionists unhappy about selling a device that doesn’t match to the public.

So, the moral of the story is to always have a friend working at Apple, especially if you want a white iPhone 4.

You can read the full story at Pocket-lint.com.


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