Warner Brothers Opted Out of 99 Cents Show Rentals

If you’ve spent the last few weeks soaking your pillow to the core with tears shed over not being able to rent episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Smallville for 99 cents on Apple’s recently revealed Apple TV refresh, we’ve got some news for you. Despite what you’re feeling right now, Warner Brothers still loves you, just not enough to forgo the boatloads of cash they make off of iTunes episode sales.

The company has long sold their wares via iTunes, but recently decided to shy away from offering their television content for rent. According to a recent story filed by the American Press, Warner Brothers Chief Executive Barry Myer told a gathering of investors that his company opted out of providing  99 cent rentals to consumers because they felt the price point was too low and could potentially harm the sales of full seasons of their television fodder.

Fair enough. But with networks like ABC, BBC America and others quickly hopping on board Apple’s rental bandwagon,  a glut of low-priced rentals could soon lure money-minded viewers away from higher-priced television fodder. If that’s the case, we may yet see the currently stubborn Warner Brothers have no choice but to come around and rescind its refusal to rent.


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