Video: Mall of America Pits Apple Against New Microsoft Store

Mall of America Microsoft vs. Apple
(Image and video courtesy of 9to5Mac)

It looks like the folks in Redmond have fired up their copying machines again, this time taking the bold move of building a new Microsoft Store right across the hall from an already-existing Apple Store in the Mall of America.

9to5Mac is reporting that the latest Apple versus Microsoft skirmish has come to the Mall of America, the 4.2 million square foot shopping goliath in Bloomington, Minnesota (located in a suburb of the popular Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul). As you can see from the photo above, Steve Ballmer and Company are erecting a new Microsoft Store across the aisle from the existing Apple Store, which will certainly make for some potentially awkward (but interesting) moments between staff members at the two retailers.

Microsoft currently has four stores open, but the Mall of America location threatens to be much, much larger than Apple’s current location there, if the embedded YouTube video below is any indication — and that’s saying something, since Apple’s location there is already pretty good size.

If we had to guess, we’d say somebody is gonna lose their job once this particular Microsoft Store opens — can there really be room for both right across from each other in such a huge retail space? Time will tell.

Personally, we’d like to see some late-night water balloon fights between the stores, or perhaps a spirited game of dodgeball once the crowds have dispersed for the day. Now that would be entertainment…

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