Video: Can Your iPod nano Walk? This One Can!

Dancing iPod nano

It’s nice to sometimes take a break from reporting about mythical products such as the Verizon iPhone or the Facebook Phone and just kick back for 35 seconds and watch video of an iPod nano walking. Wait, what…?

Mashable is reporting that an enterprising hacker known only as PachimonDotCom has taken to YouTube to share his love of robotic wizardry with the world. After previously turning both the iPhone and the iPad into dancing robots, he’s now set his sights on Apple’s new diminutive iPod nano — and judging from the embedded video below, we’d say he’s succeeded nicely.

While PachimonDotCom’s previous efforts involved utilizing iOS to create “faces” for the iPhone and iPad, that proved to be trickier for the iPod nano, especially since its proprietary OS doesn’t allow installation of apps. So how did this enterprising hacker get around the dilemma? The eye animation was created with a simple animated GIF.

Getting the iPod nano to dance required a little more ingenuity: “For this project, I have developed very simple way to control two servo motors by iPod nano: using the sound from headphone jack as PWM signal that controls the servo motors!” the hacker explains on his YouTube channel. “Yes, two servos are powered by miniature 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po battery and control lines are directly connected to headphone jack! Very simple!”

If you’re as fascinated by dancing Apple mobile devices as PachimonDotCom is, the hacker encourages folks to follow him on Twitter and of course, you can always subscribe to his YouTube channel as well to see what he’ll come up with next. Dancing Apple TV, anyone…?

(Image and video courtesy of Mashable and PachimonDotCom)

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