Verizon: Any iPhone News Would Come From Apple


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A Verizon exec addressed The Wall Street Journal story today about a Verizon iPhone by the end of the year, saying that essentially any news about any sort of a thing would have to come from Apple, not Verizon, according to AppleInsider.  Perhaps Verizon is getting tired of Verizon rumors? 

Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam had made the comments during a press conference at the CTIA conference in San Francisco.  He was asked to comment about the above story, and was quick to dismiss it as “one of those things that rolls out ever few weeks whether there’s a basis for it or not.”

“I can’t give you any insights,” he went on.  “But I think Apple is the one that has to make that announcement.”

But on the flip side, McAdam is still holding out hopes that a deal could be reached with Apple at some point, especially with its upcoming LTE data network.

“What I’ve always said is a I expect at some point in time our business interests are going to align,” he said.  “I think things like LTE are another great reason why they’d want a device or tablet on that network.  But I don’t have anything to say today about timing.”

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