University Teaching iPad Literacy

When it comes to making student’s lives easier, Apple’s iPad is an almost ideal device. Lightweight yet sturdy, boasting a bright, easy to read screen and the ability to launch applications which provide access to scheduling aids, course content, email and the internet, the svelte tablet is being both adopted and endorsed by educational institutes across the country. It makes good sense then, that someone might want to teach students how best to use the device. Fortunately, Central Michigan University is blazing a path in this area that other institutions can follow.

According to The Morning Sun, Central Michigan University is now offering an educational program to ensure that the university’s students have the knowledge base required to leverage the power of technical innovations such as the iPad, making them better students, and in the end, better contenders once they graduate and enter the job market. In an interview with The Morning Sun, members of the university’s faculty lamented the fact that many of the students under their tutelage were able to preform simple tasks involving technology, such as locating and downloading music. However, when faced with something more arcane, recording a lecture with an iPad app, for example, the students were at a loss. Educators are allowing students to learn by doing. In one scenario, students were asked to produce an audio podcast in order to better understand how to use audio recording software, and then in an effort to understand how GPS operates, tag the podcasts with Foursquare.

Let’s hope we see similar classes crop up across the land. After all, more computer literate students mean less people relying on the geeks in their family to fix every single computer woe they experience in the years to come.


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