Target to Offer iPads Starting October 3

If you want an iPad, there’s a few ways to go about getting one: You can opt drive to the Apple Retail Store nearest you; less sociable tablet fanatics can navigate to Apple’s online retail portal and have one shipped to their front door, and for those lacking scruples or a sense of common decency, you can even wait for some one else to buy one before jumping them for it (no, we’re not condoning that sort of behavior.) If none of these methods for iPad procurement work for you, don’t fret: you’ll soon have a fourth option to pick from, as Target has announced that they’ll be offering up Apple’s netbook-eating darling starting October 3.

According to a press release issued by Target earlier today, the iPad in both it’s WiFi and WiFi+3G flavors will be available for purchase across the United States at the chain’s 1,743 locations, making the device more accessible to consumers than ever before. To make sure that you’ll be able to pimp your shiny new tablet out right, Target will also be carrying a selection of iPad accessories and iTunes Gift Cards. With iPad sales showing no sign of slowing down, it’ll be interesting to watch and see what having even wider retail saturation will do for the device’s popularity.

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