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Plants vs. Zombies Goes On Sale for the First Time Ever

Between celebrating Bejeweled’s ten year anniversary, the release of Peggle Nights, and all that Michael Jackson hoopla, we’ve been hearing quite a bit about PopCap. Well, now the usually quite game giant is pulling out all the stops. PopCap’s fastest selling iOS game, Plants vs. Zombies, has gone on sale for the first time since it was released in February. The reason? It’s Haloween!


Most iOS gamers will have downloaded Plants vs. Zombies and beat it several times by now, but anyone who hasn’t will certainly want to pick it up. If you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t keep up on your iOS gaming news, PvZ is a cheeky tower defense game with insanely colorful graphics in which you plant plants to fight off waves of zombies as they try and eat your brainz (sic).

PvZ help

There’s an iPhone and iPad version, with a select few features on each, so you should probably just get both versions. Both have had price drops of 50%; Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone is sitting pretty at .99 cents, and the HD version only costs .99. But hurry–Plants vs. Zombies bumps back up to its spooky full-price after Halloween.



Frag the Editor Friday – ZOMBIES!!! pew pew pew

Steam released Left 4 Dead 2 for the Mac this week. So you can expect Robbie, Flo and Nic to be running around fighting zombies while singing The Cranberries’, “What’s in your head, in your heaaddddd, ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE…”

You get the point.

To join us, just mosey on over to the Mac|Life Steam Group. We’ll start playing at 4:00PM PDT.

Join the Group chat and we’ll invite you to the game we’re playing.

Bonus: Flo will be screencasting a game. She’ll drop the information in the group chat and invite players.


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