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AMD: No Tablet Projects In The Works


AMD Chief Exec Dirk Meyer had some reflections on the iPad’s impact for sales of notebooks and notebooks, and feels that the iPad has indeed cannibalized both.  Also, whether or not if it’s because of said cannibalization, Meyer also said the company is waiting for the tablet market to take off further, before allocating any R&D resources toward tablet processors.

“Clearly, in the last quarter or two, the tablet has represented a disruption in the notebook market,” Meyer said.  “If you ask five people in the industry, you’ll get five different answers as to what degree there’s been cannibalization by tablets of either notebooks or notebooks.”

“I personally think the answer is both, and given the pretty high price points of the iPad, there’s probably some cannibalization even of mainstream notebooks,” he continued.

As mentioned above, Meyer’s company is planning on holding off on any tablet projects for the time being.  “Even though tablets like Apple’s iPad are eating into demand for laptops, AMD will hold off on investing to develop microprocessors for that market until it grows more,” Meyer had been reported as saying.

“Frankly we’re still so small in the notebook market that given all of the opportunities in front of us to start turning R&D dollar spending towards the tablet market yet,” he noted.

Past scuttlebutt had Apple and AMD possibly forming a partnership.  According to the plans, company executives had been meeting to converse over AMD microprocessors making an eventual appearance in Apple products.

via AppleInsider

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Apple Patents a Haldheld Device that Works with Your Hands

Apple has really been racking up the patents lately, haven’t they? Most of the time, they don’t really amount to much, but the thrill of anticipation for Apple’s next generation product is pretty much spearheaded by these black-and-white blueprints that make their rounds on  the internet.

Case in point: Apple has patented a “handheld device” that uses capacitive sensors to recognize who you are based on the way you hold the device. The device would adjust itself based on the way your fingers are situated and your grip. The device might also be able to generate buttons right on to the chasis (we’re visualizing that it’s like the way that Android phones have buttons that fade in and out), depending on which hand you’ve got it in. There’s not much else beyond that, but the idea is that there is no on orientation for a handheld device, and it gives the mantra that you’re “holding it wrong” a whole new meaning.

Anyway, all these patents are just teasers for a better device in the end. So hold on to your horses and don’t start salivating just yet–the patent is still a patent, after all.

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