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SkyFire Nabs $1 Million in First Weekend

It was so hot, it sold out the App Store a few hours after launch. Such, apparently, is the craving for Flash on the iPhone, regardless of what Steve Jobs may think. But what are the numbers behind “selling out” when we’re just talking bits and bytes here?

The little browser that could — that is, could put Flash on your iPhone — had a great opening weekend. Not only did they move so many apps that the App Store “sold out” of them, but they also picked up some serious coin. While SkyFire wasn’t dishing the exact figures, they shared with MobileCrunch the broad specifics. “Well over 300,00 downloads” in that first weekend alone. Quick math shows three dollars per download gets you to 0,000. Then subtract Apple’s 30% take. And while gross may have been nearly a million, net shrinks down to a respectable 0,000+.

Plus on top of that, selling out the App Store nets you a ton of free publicity as tech sites who’ve been talking up your app’s capabilities suddenly have a novelty story on their hands. Fresh news cycle, fresh batch of publicity. A double win for SkyFire.

Now, it takes a LOT of server juice to make the conversion from Flash content to HTML 5 friendly, which we imagine is what crushed their servers, both demand for the app and demand for the process. We certainly hope the gang at SkyFire, after they’ve spent a bit of that bounty on champagne to hose each other down with, are plowing their profits back into increasing server rack capacity.

Because when they get around to releasing their iPad version, you know the exact same thing’s going to happen again…

Early Edition for iPad on Sale This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a full featured RSS reader to deck your iPad out with, you could do a lot worse than Glasshouse App’s Daily Edition–a cleverly designed application that takes your favourite RSS feeds and presents them to you in the form of a browsable, searchable newspaper interface that makes reading a pleasure. If you haven’t had a chance to take the application for a test drive, here’s your chance: For this weekend only, Daily Edition is being offered for the very reasonable prive of 99 cents–80% off of the application’s regular price!

Glasshouse Apps has put the Early Edition on sale in celebration of the impending release of version 1.3. This time around, the already impressive iOS 4.2-ready RSS reader includes even more value-added features, such as new ways to share interesting stories and feeds with your friends and colleagues, isolated fetching, a refeshed gesture interface, and the ability to read the original feed for an article via Instapaper integration.

For less than the price of coffee, that’s one heck of a lot of app.


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OnLive Offers Labor Day Weekend Fragging On The Cheap

This long weekend, most of us will be down by the lake enjoying noodle salad. However, some will spend the upcoming long weekend bidding adieu to the sunny summer by brewing up a symphony that features the dulcet sound of pew-pew-pew. If you belong to the latter group, this post is for you: On-demand cloud gaming service OnLive is discounting all of their cloud-based gaming offerings by half over the Labor Day Weekend.


In addition to the low cost of OnLive’s already reasonably priced streaming fun extravaganza, the much talked about video game mongers will also be making their AT&T Founding Members program available to users once again. For those not familiar with the Founding Members Program, it’s a pretty straight forward arrangement: Those interested in getting their game on can sign up for a year’s free service with OnLive. After the year has ended, they’ll be able to continue to use the service at the low cost of .95 per month. Not too shabby at all.

In addition, you’ll also be able to enjoy a significant upgrade to Onlive’s offering of services, like the ability to play over WiFi. For all of the gamers out there that prefer to play sans wires, this is great news.

With options like that to keep you busy and indoors during the long weekend, you won’t even care that the sun’s shining.