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Want a $999 MacBook Air? Be Prepared to Wait

MacBook Air ship times
(Image courtesy of AppleInsider)

Barely a week old, and already Apple’s entry-level 9 11.6-inch MacBook Air ship times are slipping. The reviews have been great and the diminutive laptop is in demand, but can Apple keep up with the sales?

AppleInsider is reporting
that new orders for Apple’s 9 11.6-inch MacBook Air on the company’s website have slipped to “one to three business days,” which seems to indicate that the tiny laptop is in high demand for the first week since its October 20 debut.

Meanwhile, other versions of the new MacBook Air — including the more expensive 128GB version of the 11.6-inch model — show shipping times “within 24 hours.” The base model holds only 64GB of storage — equal to the highest-capacity iPod touch or iPad — but at 9, Apple appears to have hit the “sweet spot” as far as price, quality and form factor.

Only last week, at least one analyst predicted that all four new models of the MacBook Air would sell upwards of 700,000 units this holiday season, which would make up 17 percent of an estimated 4.1 million Macs shipped in the last quarter of this calendar year.

Mingchi Kuo with Concord Securities also predicted that the 9 base model will make up 60 percent of new MacBook Air sales — which would seem to be backed up by the longer ship time on Apple’s own web store.

One thing’s for sure: If you want an 11.6-inch MacBook Air for only 9, buy sooner rather than later — we’re guessing ship times may get even later as the holiday season gets into full swing.

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Why Wait for AirPrint? Printer Pro Brings It to Your iPad Now

Readdle Printer Pro

Printing is finally coming to iOS with an update in November, but third-party developers clearly feel that Apple’s official solution leaves something to be desired. Among them is Readdle, who is bringing full-featured printing to the iPad with a new app expected imminently.

Readdle, the creator of popular productivity apps such as ReaddleDocs and PDF Expert, is launching a multi-week campaign leading up to the release of iOS 4.2 in November. The company is kicking things off with a brand-new app called Printer Pro which promises to add essential printing capability to the iPad — without having to wait for Apple’s own solution to arrive.

Readdle Printer Pro screenshot

“Printer Pro lets you print right now, month before the release of iOS 4.2 update,” explains Readdle CEO Igor Zhadanov. “It supports a wide range of document formats, integrates with other applications and core iPad services like clipboard, address book and photo library.”

Printer Pro allows iPad owners to print e-mail attachments, documents, web pages, photos and almost any other type of content from their device. The app allows direct printing to any USB or LPT printer connected to a Mac or Windows computer. For the impatient, you’ll be happy to know that Printer Pro has been designed to complement Apple’s forthcoming AirPrint technology, rather than directly compete with it.

With Printer Pro installed, the app will appear when you use the “Open In…” selection in compatible apps such as Mail, Safari, Dropbox, ReaddleDocs and others. It also takes just a few taps to download files from popular cloud services such as MobileMe iDisk, Dropbox or Google Docs and send them right to your printer.

Printer Pro is expected to hit the App Store on Friday for .99 and requires an iPad with iOS 3.2.2 or later. The free companion software, Printer Pro Desktop, is now available as a free download from the Readdle website.

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