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Video: iOS Device Speeds Put to the Test

There is a stumbling block that must be surmounted before we as a species can hope to tackle such dark issues as war, famine, and racisim. It is a topic of heated debate, being bickered out in multiple locales around the world as we speak. It is a subject so divisive, that it has torn the bonds of brotherhood and family with the murmur of its discourse.

Of course, we’re talking about what iOS device can claim to be the speediest of them all.

In a bid to allow the world to get on with the business of living, 9to5Mac has taken the time to speed test of a number of iOS devices–an iPad, iPhone 4, a late model iPod touch and an iPhone 3GS–and capture it all on video. With just one look at the footage of all four devices revving up from a stone cold start, you’ll finally understand why you were born:

There. Now we can pool our resources and get to work on that cold fusion thing… or at the very least return to whispering about FaceTime and the front facing camera rumored to be crammed into the next iteration of iPad.

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VLC Video Player in App Store Soon

If this gets approval and the approval sticks (shed some tears for Google Voice), this might be some of the coolest news about the App Store in a long, long time. Could the sound we heard a few weeks ago be the cracking of the App Store and its over-the-top restrictiveness?

A few weeks back, it was fairly big news that Apple was going to let CineXPlayer for the iPad into the App Store. The app let iPad users play their Xvid-encoded movies without the hassle and wait of re-encoding them to be iPad compatible. Now, according to MacRumors, everyone’s favorite all codex-compatible media player, VLC is joining the fray. If you’ve ever downloaded a video to your hard drive, then found you couldn’t play it, VLC was there, patting you on the back, running that movie no matter how it was encoded. It’s long been our go-to solution when the standard video solutions weren’t cutting it.


Citing French website Mac 4 Ever and the developer Applidium, MacRumors tells us that the VideoLan team has given their blessing to the porting of VLC over to an iPad version. Not only have they given their blessing, but the app is already in submission and now we’re just waiting for approval.

But wait, there’s more. Not only will the app be free, just like your desktop VLC player, but that the developer expects to see the release into the wilds of the App Store as early as next week. At this point, the only rumor we’re hearing is an iPad version, but since we never thought we’d see this day, keep your fingers crossed for iPhone and iPod versions as well. (This commentor claims he’s heard a resounding “YES” from Applidium.)

And if you haven’t nabbed CineXPlayer, and you think someday you might buy an iPad, get it while it’s still there. The App Store gods are capricious and could dump this free app at any moment, without warning.


Apple Posts September 1 Media Event Video

September 1 media event
(Image courtesy of MacRumors)

Feeling a bit of a techno hangover this morning after waiting up last night for iTunes 10 to finally rear its head? Maybe you’re ready to relive the day’s fun all over again? Apple has you covered, as the full stream from Wednesday’s media event is now online.

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has posted the full stream from the Wednesday, September 1 media event which brought a shotgun blast of new products in rapid-fire succession, ranging from iOS updates to new iPods to a tiny new Apple TV.

Yesterday’s live stream of the media event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco was limited to Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS users exclusively, but Apple is now providing the stream in multiple formats that can be viewed by most any Mac or Windows computer, and a podcast of the event is also available for download via iTunes (you’re rocking iTunes 10 already, right?).

One thing we’ll say for Wednesday’s media event: It sure wasn’t a long, boring drawn-out shindig! Steve Jobs kept the new stuff coming fast and furious and squeezed an awful lot of goodness into 90 minutes of showtime. While we have iTunes 10 to tide us over, the wait now begins for all the new products to trickle out to stores — iOS 4.1 and new iPods next week, the new Apple TV in four weeks and last but not least, iOS 4.2 in November, which promises feature parity at last with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Sing it with us now: “The waiting is the hardest part…”

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Video: The iPad Orchestra Makes Beautiful Music

The iPad Orchestra

Who says that the iPad is about consuming content rather than creating it? Don’t tell that to The iPad Orchestra, a group of four musicians who got together to make beautiful music together using only their iPads.

Cult of Mac is reporting
on the musical stylings of The iPad Orchestra, a group of four musicians who got together this year with an eye toward advancing digital mobile music. For their first performance — documented via the embedded YouTube video below — they used a new iPad .99 app called Seline HD by Amidio Inc.

iPad Orchestra closeup

Since the quartet all play the same device with different instruments on each iPad, they appear in black T-shirts with the name of the instrument they’re performing — clarinet, cello, flute and violin. The HD video is nicely shot and edited from a live performance on August 20, 2010.

So what did the quartet choose for their debut number? Ilya Plauvonov’s “Sweet Dreams,” which is certainly a beautiful composition, but as Cult of Mac notes, maybe a little too “soothing” for early in the day.

You can keep up to date with The iPad Orchestra’s performances on their website, which is still in development. Meanwhile, on with the show!

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(Video courtesy of Cult of Mac)


Apple-Backed H.264 Receives Free License For Internet Video Use


(Image courtesy of

Chalk one up for Cupertino.  The MPEG Licensing Authority gave the green light to indefinitely extend royalty-free Internet broadcasting licensing of its H.264 video codec to end users.  The advantage that Google’s WebM once had, comes up short.  It all but means that Apple’s preferred H.264 is the video format for modern HTML5 video out on the web.

What exactly does the MPEG Licensing Authority do?  They manage the licensing of the patent pool for H.264 video compression for a whole range of companies that all contribute to the standard, companies such as Apple.

Granted, anyone is able to license H.264 under non-discriminatory terms.  However, proponents of free software don’t particularly care for the use of commercially licensed video codecs because it puts web content into a format which would require licensing fees for play back (or worse, non-licensed code must be used, thus an ensuing legal battle royal).

via AppleInsider

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Video: Portal 2 Co-op Teaser Trailer

We’ve been waiting for this all week. No, really. This teaser trailer shows off the cooperative gameplay abilities of the next Portal iteration. Players can play as different characters and will run through a different storyline than the single player portion of the game.

More details on Portal 2 will be released next week at PAX in Seattle, WA. Check out the video below!

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Video: Draw! Fastest Typing on the iPhone After All?

iPhone fast typing
(Image and video courtesy of MacRumors)

One of the earliest complaints about the iPhone among heavy users of SMS text messaging was the lack of a hardware keyboard — but it appears that lightning-fast typing is indeed possible on a software keyboard after all.

MacRumors is reporting
that a British woman made headlines this week for speed-typing into a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone using the Android-based Swype keyboard alternative. The woman “walked in off the street” at a Samsung roadshow and was given a chance to beat the world record by typing “the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human” — in 25.94 seconds flat.

That wasn’t music to the ears of iPhone user “gumballtech,” who took to his favorite handset and documented his results on YouTube (video embedded below).

The result? The iPhone user handily beat the British woman’s record by typing the same text in just under 22 seconds — more than three seconds less than the Android-based typist.

MacRumors isn’t clear
on qualifies as a “world record,” especially given that the iPhone user Gumballtech did rely at least a bit on the iPhone’s built-in text correction — but the website is quick to note that the Swype keyboard alternative in Android is also “entirely based on predictive text generation.”

Maybe we should call it a draw?

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