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iPad Probably Hitting Walmart Shelves Very Soon

We know that not everyone has a selection of strip malls or Apple Stores to choose from, and that’s why we were excited to hear that Walmart will probably pick up the iPad for sale, supposedly by the end of the year.

It sort of makes sense that Walmart would be the next major retailer to do so, especially since Amazon, Target, and Best Buy all currently offer the iPad. We’ve even heard from an anonymous Walmart employee that the iPad is hitting the shelves in November, though no official date has been announced–or speculated.

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Facebook Executive “Very Confident” on Ping Deal with Apple

Ping Facebook Connect
(Image courtesy of Engadget)

It’s now been a full month since Apple launched iTunes 10 with the Ping social networking service, and there’s still no sign of Facebook coming back. But at least one Facebook executive seems confident that a deal is yet to come with Cupertino after all.

AppleInsider is reporting
that Facebook’s chief technology officer is “very confident” that the social networking giant will find a way to integrate with Apple’s own music-themed social network, Ping. The comment was noted by Silicon Alley Insider during Facebook exec Bret Taylor’s dinner with the media in New York this week.

Taylor’s confidence comes on the heels of reports that Apple and Facebook negotiated for at least 18 months prior to the launch of Ping and still couldn’t come to terms. Industry insiders have painted Facebook as “abrasive” during their negotiations with other companies, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself claimed the company demanded what he called “onerous terms” for integrating Facebook into Ping.

Despite the Facebook CTO’s promising comment, Taylor “did not provide a timeframe for a deal to be struck,” according to AppleInsider.

Early users of iTunes 10 may recall that Facebook was indeed integrated into the new Ping service at launch, and it was also featured during the media event where the social network was first introduced on September 1. Despite an agreement, Apple included a Facebook Connect login interface, but the social network apparently wasn’t happy about that and blocked Ping from using its API, which then prompted Apple to remove Facebook connectivity entirely — and it has yet to return after a month.

The often-maligned Ping appears to be slowly getting its footing — last weekend brought iTunes 10.0.1, which provided deeper integration between the social network and a user’s music library, as well as the ability to “Like” or “Post” about your own songs, provided that they were part of Apple’s huge catalog to begin with.

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