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OS X 10.6.5 Update Does Not Include AirPrint for Shared Printers [Updated]

Turns out earlier reports of OS X 10.6.5 not supporting AirPrint via shared printers were correct.

Well, with OS X 10.6.5 out, it looks like shared printing with AirPrint is a no go for now. If you’re rocking an AirPrint-compatible printer, you should be golden.

Update: We just tested out the HP Envy with AirPrint. Works likes a charm.

No amount of conciliatory emails from Steve Jobs will diminish our disappointment.


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Fruit Ninja Updated for Game Center, Banana Mode Coming Soon

The Fruit Ninja 1.4 update was released to the App Store today, adding multiplayer support for Game Center. Battle your friends and enemies in an all new network multiplayer mode that throws blue fruits and red fruits at your screen. Slice away at your blue fruit while avoiding your opponents red fruit. The regular rules of the game still apply in multiplayer mode, such as bonuses and combo fruits.

In addition, Halfbrick, the developer of Fruit Ninja, announced that a new secret Banana mode is nearing completion and when it’s release it will add new leaderboards and achievements.

If you have Fruit Ninja on your iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.1, you can download this update for free by going to the App Store (on your device) and clicking Updates.

You can learn more about Game Center multiplayer by checking out our Complete Guide to Game Center on iOS.

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Apple's Policy Changes Could Have Been Result of FTC Investigation [Updated]

Since Apple’s big policy changes in app development yesterday, software developers have been jumping for joy at the freedom to build their own applications with whatever tool they well choose. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s change in policy on its third party app development may have a little something to do with being under fire from the FTC.

WSJ says that this could have all taken place around June, when the FTC launched an investigation to figure out whether or not Apple had violated antitrust laws with its earlier, more restrictive, policy. It’s not clear if Apple’s statements yesterday had anything to do with this alleged investigate.

Still, the revised policy has its fair share of restrictions as well. iOS device users are still not be able to use Flash on their mobile devices. The only major change in policy is that developers are now allowed to use Flash-based software to piece together their apps and can use other types of programming languages.

There is also some speculation that Apple’s relaxed position could also have to do with pressure to compete with Google’s Android Market, since the Android mobile operating system is now making its way to tablets. Jeffrey Hammond, an analyst with technology firm Forrester Research, said in the WSJ article that some developers are beginning to develop apps with Android Market first so that they can actually reel in some cash while they’re waiting to get in through the final stages of Apple’s approval process. 

Regardless of what the real reason is for Apple’s new policy, it’s undoubtedly welcome by developers, especially the ones that have had to cut down on features in their app because they’ve been denied time and time again.

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Epic Games Announces New iOS Game Based on Unreal Engine [Updated]

Epic Games has announced that it is releasing a new game on Game Center that runs on the fabled Unreal Engine. The new game is currently in development under the code name Project Sword. The 3D game is an action-packed role playing adventure that runs in real time. The protagonist will be able to engage in sword battles and use neat swipe controls to get around the levels. The game includes intricate levels of detail that uses the same lighting and motion techniques in movie CGI.

The game will also include the social networking integration of Game Center, including invites and achievements.

[Updated] The free demo [iTunes link] is now available in the iTunes App Store.

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