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Lego Universe is Live… For Some

My oh my, but this is a happy day for LEGO fans–especially those who had the foresight to pre-order the LEGO Universe MMO game. In a press release from on high, the LEGO Group announced that the game’s servers are now live, allowing access to individuals who opted to pre-purchase the game two weeks earlier than LEGO Universe’s slated October 26th launch date. For you privileged few who have already purchased the game, today marks a new a new chapter in your life: You’ll no longer need to alienate your family and friends in order to bring your creations to life with small plastic blocks. Starting today, you also have the option of alienating them through the use of a computer. Technology makes everything better!

Available for both Mac and PC platforms, LEGO Universe is the first and only MMO that allows payers to get their game on in an environment drawn from playing with LEGOs in meatspace. The games sees players rise up to stop the threat posed by the evil Maelstrom (presumably some pretty bad dudes,) by joining forces with the heroic Nexus Force alliance. The stakes of the battle are high, with the spoils of victory being the power of Imagination itself. In order to wage war against the forces of evil, players are called upon to build devices and objects that will aid them as they travel through the LEGO Universe. Best of all, the game has an easy-to-use interface that will allow players to bring creations of their own to life for use in-game. What could possibly be sweeter?

For more information on what is sure to be a great time for LEGO fans of all ages, head on over to LEGO Universe’s official site.



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