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Apple Topples Microsoft In Revenue


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If you’ll recall, this past May, Apple topped Microsoft in market cap.  But there was still that rascally revenue barrier that Apple still could not quite overcome.  Well, that barrier is no more.  Microsoft just reported .2 billion in revenue for the third quarter.  And Apple?  .34 billion.

Apple had projected that they would hit billion, but as many know, Apple usually likes to lowball their revenue number, so that they can top it.  But not only did Apple reach billion in revenue, Microsoft’s quarter-to-quarter total went up just 0 million.

But just the same, Microsoft still leads in profit – .41 billion versus .31 billion, but as TechCrunch points out, one company is technically a software maker, while the other is mainly a hardware maker.

And that market cap area?  Apple now leads by billion.  And guess who’s nipping on Microsoft’s heels now?  Oh, that would be Google.

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