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Rotten Tomatoes Coming To A Facebook Near You


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In an idea that you knew probably had to happen sooner or later, it appears the social network everyone loves to hate (or hates to love?) is planning on integrating with Rotten Tomatoes.  You’ll now be able to see the reviews most relevant to you, search for friends, and the like, according to the Facebook Blog.

Once you’re logged into Facebook, Rotten Tomatoes will wind up becoming personalized upon your jumping to the site.  With instant personalization, you get to see your pals’ reviews right away, in addition to the movies that they’ve recently liked or wouldn’t mind seeing, as well as some recommended viewing based on the movies that you’ve liked or reviewed through the web.  You’ll now get to see reviews from both professional critics and your friends all in the same spot.

For those wondering about those rascally privacy issues, you only bring the public parts of your profile to Rotten Tomatoes so that they can set up the experience for you. 

If you’re interested in possibly learning more about what’s to come, check out the video here.

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