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Torchlight is $10 for a Limited Time

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Torchlight, the dungeon-crawling, booty-dropping, Diablo-reminiscent game was released. But so says the calendar, and to celebrate the game’s solar orbit, studio Runic Games is slashing Torchlight’s price in half.

Torchlight is an adventure that will have you fighting off all sorts of nefarious creatures, feeding your pet to turn it into a giant fighting blob, and frantically grinding to level up. If you haven’t experienced the adventure, you can do so now for a measly 10 bones, and get prepped for Torchlight 2, which is slated for release this spring.
If you’re still not sold, you can check out our review here (spoiler: we loved it) or read Runic’s official release here, but you better hurry, the Torchlight sale ends October 29th at 8am PST.


Plants vs. Zombies Goes On Sale for the First Time Ever

Between celebrating Bejeweled’s ten year anniversary, the release of Peggle Nights, and all that Michael Jackson hoopla, we’ve been hearing quite a bit about PopCap. Well, now the usually quite game giant is pulling out all the stops. PopCap’s fastest selling iOS game, Plants vs. Zombies, has gone on sale for the first time since it was released in February. The reason? It’s Haloween!


Most iOS gamers will have downloaded Plants vs. Zombies and beat it several times by now, but anyone who hasn’t will certainly want to pick it up. If you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t keep up on your iOS gaming news, PvZ is a cheeky tower defense game with insanely colorful graphics in which you plant plants to fight off waves of zombies as they try and eat your brainz (sic).

PvZ help

There’s an iPhone and iPad version, with a select few features on each, so you should probably just get both versions. Both have had price drops of 50%; Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone is sitting pretty at .99 cents, and the HD version only costs .99. But hurry–Plants vs. Zombies bumps back up to its spooky full-price after Halloween.



iPad Declared Fastest Selling Gizmo of All Time

Oh you just know this one’s going to turn up in Steve Jobs‘ next Keynote. According to a financial analyst working for Bernstein Research, the iPad, having sold over 8.5 million units and counting, is the fastest selling device of all time. Now, get ready for the shocker: The numbers in the Bernstein study were crunched before the iPad was made available to shoppers at Walmart or Target. Just imagine the sheer number of units Apple will be putting in the hands of consumers over the upcoming holiday season thanks to the deeper market penetration made possible by selling their tablets at big box stores within driving distance of even the most remote North American communities.


More interesting than this, a recent study by NDP indicated that 13% of all iPad users polled said that they would not have purchased a personal computer if they had been given the option to buy an iPad first. With sales numbers as high as we’re seeing here, coupled with the devotion that users have to the Cupertino-designed tablet and the sheer number of applications available for consumer use, it is very hard to envision how any similar device released in the months to come will be able to put much of a dent in the iPad’s soaring popularity.


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Donkey Kong World Record Changes Hands For Third Time


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Yes, it was indeed “on, like Donkey Kong.”  Twin Galaxies announced that the World Record for the video game classic switched hands for a third time this year, with former champion Steve Wiebe reclaiming honors with 1,064,500 points.  Can ‘ya top that?

The record last went to Wiebe back in the spring of 2007, but he was later topped by Billy Mitchell months later.  Mitchell’s score would then fall to New York’s Hank Chien this past March.  Wiebe had tried to pluck back the record at various live events throughout the years, but he would then record his score on August 30, and then submitted it to Twin Galaxies.  Twin Galaxies would then verify Wiebe’s score today as being the new World Record.

Who is Twin Galaxies International?

They were founded in Ottumwa by Walter Day in 1981, and are considered the world’s official authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments and operate out of the their international corporate offices located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

TGI is home to over 120,000 verified scores from over 52,000 members around the world, and are recognized by Guiness World Records, G4tv, as well as various other media outlets as the only official organization for video game record keeping.

For more info about the organization, head here.

Via Twin Galaxies International

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