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Study Finds that Users Love Their iPad for Books and Video

With the announcement of a sleeker, sexier new aluminum bodied MacBook Air, you might have forgotten about Apple’s other slim tablet device, the iPad. Apparently, the device has made quite the stride in the e-books and video sphere, as the iPad is widely used to consume both those forms of media.

A Nielsen study on the devices found that users are utilizing the iPad for its video and e-book capabilities, and that they don’t spend much time with this kind of interactive content on their iPhone. Survey respondents said that they read books 39 percent of the time on the iPad and watched television shows 33 percent of time, compared to the respective 13 percent and 11 percent on the iPhone. These numbers probably have everything to do with the difference in screen real estate between the two devices, because the iPhone is still popular for content like news and music since it’s made to comfortably fit inside of a pocket or purse.

Perhaps the most surprisingly news of all from this Nielsen study is that 63 percent of users have paid for and downloaded apps on their iPads, but a staggering 30 percent haven’t even bothered downloading a single app since they’ve taken the device out the device. That makes you wonder what the point is of even purchasing an iPad, but our assumption is that many users who aren’t too keen on the idea of dropping the cash for a computer with a full fledged operating system are simple utilizing the iPad for its internet capabilities.

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Family Reunited With Their iPad Thanks to MobileMe

If you’re looking for a feel-good story that provides a view into the advantages of paying for a MobileMe account, travel, intrigue kind-hearted airline employees and evil-doers, we’d suggest taking a trip over to CNN’s website. They’ve posted a story that details the epic saga of a young family who, thanks to MobileMe’s Find My iPhone service and the actions of a Southwest Airlines manager, were able to recover a forgotten iPad from the other side of the country.

According to the video, Curtis Cogdill had packed his iPad and taken it on a trip from Sacramento to Oregon. The tablet was the first major purchase Cogdill and his wife had made after the birth of the son. When the Cogdills left the plane, they were so consumed with ensuring that their son’s needs were seen to that they neglected to pack up Curtis’ iPad and take it along with them. By the time the family returned to their home in Portland, Curtis realized that the iPad was no where to be found. Unable to recall whether or not he or his wife had used the device during their flight home, Curtis believed that he may well have left it at the terminal back in California.

We’re sure you’ll all agree that this is not at all cool.

What is cool, however, is that Curtis was able to hunt for his tablet using Apple’s Find My iPhone application on his iPod touch. In doing so, he was able to locate his iPad. Much to his surprise, the App indicated that the tablet wasn’t at the Sacramento International Airport. It wasn’t even in California. Indeed, the Cogdill family iPad had managed to make it all the way to Orlando, Florida. Curtis looked on in horror as his iPad moved from the airport to a private residence: It seemed that someone had found the tablet and decided to, um, liberate it. Curtis called Southwest, hoping to find someone that could assist him. Fortunately, one of the airlines supervisors took it upon herself to contact the police and visit the house where the iPad had been taken. To the surprise of the supervisor and police, the tablet had been snatched by another Southwest Airlines employee, who most likely couldn’t resist the possibility of being able to play Angry Birds on a larger screen. Once it was recovered, Southwest paid to have the iPad shipped back to Curtis, who after a stressful hunt was happy to have recovered his expensive purchase.

Kudos to Southwest Airlines for helping Curtis to recover his lost belongings and to MobileMe as well. It is instances like this that show that despite the fact that many of its core features are quickly becoming dated, gems like Find My iPhone still make the service a worthwhile investment.


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Game Center Games and Their Features

So you got Game Center on your iOS device. Now you have a fancy account. Now which games are available and what are their Game Center Features? We’re diggin through the App Store and trying to get the most up to date information.

The first thing everyone is asking us is, “What games are multiplayer?” So we’ve listed those games first.



Enigmo – Leaderboard /Achievements / Multiplayer

Field Fencer – Achievements / Multiplayer

Cro-Mag Rally – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

WordsworthLeaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Nanosaur 2 – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Adrenaline Golf Online – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*

GraalOnline classic+ – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*


*double checking multiplayer feature

The Rest


Zen Bound 2Achievements 

Farmville  – Leaderboards / Achievements

Touchgrind – Leaderboards / Achievements

Ms. PAC-MAN – Leaderboard/Achivements

Flight Control – Leader Board/Schievements

Icarus-X – Leaderboards / achievements

Worldy Wings – Leaderboards / Achivements

Megaplex Madness – Leaderboards / Achivements

PAC-MAN – Leaderboards / Achivements

Cocoto Magic Circus – Leaderboards 

Cannon Challenge 2


Isaac Newton’s Gravity


Apple has added a Game Center page to the App Store. Check it out.


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Rumor: Google Planning Music Store Of Their Own?


(Image courtesy of thegadgetguycolumn)

Perhaps it’s a bit of a case of “iTunes 10 Envy”?  Hot off the release of the new version of iTunes, a new rumor out today is that Google is working on negotiating with music labels to try and secure licensing for a music download store as well as a “digital song locker.”

Google Vice President of Engineering Andy Rubin, the guy behind Android mobile OS, has been holding meetings with label honchos to try and sell an in-development online music store, according to Reuters.  The hope is that Google can launch the service by Christmas say sources.

Execs are said to be pretty keen on Google trying to compete with iTunes.  The report says that while the labels are “grateful” about what Apple has done for digital music sales,  the labels are also worried about Apple’s increased share.  Currently, the iTunes Music Store makes up 70 percent of all digital music sales here in the U.S.

“Finally here’s an entity with the reach, resources and wherewithal to take on iTunes as a formidable competitor by tying it into search and Android mobile platform,” according to one label exec.  “What you’ll have is a very powerful player in the market that’s good for the music business.”

According to another exec, “we’re cautiously optimistic because Google has great scale and reach but doesn’t have a track record in selling stuff.”

What do you think readers?  Would a little competition between Google and Apple be good for the music industry?  Or not so much?  Feel free to leave comments below!

via AppleInsider

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