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Cult of Mac Suggests New MacBook Air Refresh is Imminent

There’s independent confirmation from Cult of Mac that Steve Jobs will be introducing a redesigned 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air with a bigger battery and another port…or two or three.

Cult of Mac’s information comes after repeated reports from technology websites detailing spy shots and particular patents that suggest a refresh to the wafer-thin computer is on its way.

Apparently, the new model also has a faster processor, a 50-percent bigger battery, and is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The model will also come with two USB ports, an SD card slot and a Mini DisplayPort adapter. The new machine may also cost anywhere from ,100 to ,400 for the respective models.

Well, we’ll find out Wednesday if Cult of Mac’s information is, indeed, on par with Apple’s plans for the MacBook Air. Tell us readers: would you be open to the idea of a MacBook Air refresh? Do you think this one will do better than the latter model?

Cult of Mac’s mock up of the new MacBook Air

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Job Posting Suggests Microsoft Might Be Planning an App Store for Office

This is the generation that will never know life without an app store. These days, every tiny device imaginable has its own app store to tout; even the seemingly useless Peek email reading device has apps for social networking.

Now, Microsoft allegedly wants to jump onto this bandwagon with their own app store of sorts for the next next iteration of Office, most likely the version slated for release in 2013.  The idea that they’re considering this comes from a job posting on Microsoft that says they’re looking for someone who specializes in marketing to run their Office Managed group. Part of the job responsibilities include the description that “You will drive the innovation agenda that excites our partners in areas like ‘Office App Store’.” Oh yeah. You know, that Office app store that’s filled with Fart apps for Microsoft Word.

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