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Study Finds that Users Love Their iPad for Books and Video

With the announcement of a sleeker, sexier new aluminum bodied MacBook Air, you might have forgotten about Apple’s other slim tablet device, the iPad. Apparently, the device has made quite the stride in the e-books and video sphere, as the iPad is widely used to consume both those forms of media.

A Nielsen study on the devices found that users are utilizing the iPad for its video and e-book capabilities, and that they don’t spend much time with this kind of interactive content on their iPhone. Survey respondents said that they read books 39 percent of the time on the iPad and watched television shows 33 percent of time, compared to the respective 13 percent and 11 percent on the iPhone. These numbers probably have everything to do with the difference in screen real estate between the two devices, because the iPhone is still popular for content like news and music since it’s made to comfortably fit inside of a pocket or purse.

Perhaps the most surprisingly news of all from this Nielsen study is that 63 percent of users have paid for and downloaded apps on their iPads, but a staggering 30 percent haven’t even bothered downloading a single app since they’ve taken the device out the device. That makes you wonder what the point is of even purchasing an iPad, but our assumption is that many users who aren’t too keen on the idea of dropping the cash for a computer with a full fledged operating system are simple utilizing the iPad for its internet capabilities.

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Square Trade Study: iPhone 4 Glass Breaks More Than 3GS


(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

And in other news, water is wet.  As 9to5Mac reports, when one of the main features of the iPhone 4 was the strength of the glass casing, it is sort of alarming that it would break 82 percent more than an iPhone 3GS’ casing, says Square Trade’s study.

Granted the iPhone 4 has two sides of glass instead of one, so that would probably amount to double the incidents versus previous iPhone generations that maintained plastic backs.

It was also determined that the plastic around the sides of the iPhone 3GS is able to cushion potential impact much better than the iPhone 4’s metal antenna-frame.

Other findings:

-iPhone 4 owners reported 82 percent more damaged screens in the first four months compared to iPhone 3GS owners.

-More than 25 percent of damage reported was to the glass on the back of the unit.

-The reported accident rate for the iPhone 4 was 68 percent higher than for the iPhone 3GS.

-An estimated 15.5 percent of iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within a year of buying their phone.

-iPhone 4 screen damage is responsible for more than four-fifths of reported accidents during the last four months, slightly higher than the iPhone 3GS during the same time period.

Who is SquareTrade exactly?  They’re the largest independent warranty provider in the world, and they had analyzed iPhone accidents for well over 20,000 iPhone 4s and the results were pretty in line with their earlier prognostications.

How many of our readers out there have suffered iPhone 4 screen damage?  Does the iPhone 4 seem to be in better or worse off shape?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

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