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Apple to Offer App for Customer Appointment Check-ins at Apple Stores

If you’ve ever made an appointment for the Genius Bar (or other service) at your local Apple Store, then you know how easy it can be to sign up; however, things can get a little hectic when you actually arrive to the store. A new app for employees, coupled with an update for the Apple Store application, however, could change this.

According to AppleInsider, Apple just put into place on Monday an application for employees that allows them to see currently checked in customers waiting for appointments. The application will also send push notifications to an employee iOS device that will alert them to customers that just checked into the store.

The blog also notes that Apple will be updating its Apple Store application to send push notifications to any customer entering a store to alert them to check in to any appointment they may have. When a customer checks in, they will get a message along with a picture of the employee that will assist them.

While the article is relatively thin on details, the blog does mention that Apple may roll out this feature “soon.”

You can read more about this story and see more screenshots on the AppleInsider website.


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