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Steam's User Growth Up 178%, Users Still Fragging Happily

It’s been months now since Valve’s Steam cloud gaming client has been around for the Mac operating system, and we’ve noticed a generally happier disposition from the Mac gaming community–especially after they’ve managed to shoot our faces off in Frag the Editor Friday (never mind the fact that we’re having a tough time getting through a whole campaign in Left 4 Dead 2).  Valve has announced that Steam’s year-over-year user growth has gone up 178% from last year.

The company has also had a sales growth of over 200%. Currently, there are over 30 million accounts with a library of 1,200 games available for purchase. The company also adds that it’s increased its internal infrastructure to handle this kind of gamer traffic, with its servers currently running at 400Gps–enough to ship a digitized version of the Oxford English Dictionary 92.6 times per second.

The growing market share for Steam also means that both PC and Mac gamers can live in perfect harmony, what with the massive library of games offered for both platforms. Don’t forget to join our Steam group to kick our booties in Frag the Editor Fridays!

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Rumor: Apple Still Considering Music Streaming Subscriptions

When Apple purchased music streaming service LaLa this past spring, the company’s faithful followers held our breath in the hopes of something great waiting a-tiptoe in the wings. turning red in the face, we knew in our hearts that Steve Jobs was going to let us in on ‘one more thing’ at an upcoming Keynote. Yes, streaming iTunes subscriptions would soon be upon us. Apple bought out LaLa in order to utilize their exisiting technology! In no time at all, we’d be enjoying our entire music collection everywhere we went, all served up from the coulds perhaps even from our MobileMe accounts. Life was looking pretty sweet.

We’re no longer holding our breath. Keynotes have come and gone. No announcment surrounding the introduction of a streaming service has been made. As we stand near the cusp of 2011, are we any closer to seeing our musical content on-the-hoof dreams come true? If the New York Post has their facts straight, we can tell you this: Maybe.

According to The Post, Apple’s iTunes czar Eddy Cue has been making the rounds of late, talking to a number of the company’s major music partners. Rumor has it that Cue is working to hash out an understanding with the company’s music partners that would allow for Apple to introduce a streaming music service similar to the one already being enjoyed by Spotify users. One of the Post’s sources have claimed that the service could cost subscribers between and per month.

Let’s hope that The Post’s unnamed sources end up being right.


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