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Think the iTunes 10 Icon Sucks? Steve Jobs Disagrees

Ah, another day, another-to-the-point, one-line email response from the desk of Steve Jobs. This time around, Apple’s founder and CEO has rallied the full fury of his typing skills to speak out against the evil-doers that would dare to protest the hotness of the new iTunes 10 icon–you know, the one that just about everyone seems to hate.

According to the omniscient folks at Wired, Joshua Kopac of advertising firm Valueleads, dropped El Jobso a line shortly after the conclusion of this week’s music event:

Enjoyed the presentation today. But…this new iTunes logo really sucks. You’re taking 10+ years of instant product recognition and replacing it with an unknown. Let’s both cross our fingers on this…”

Jobs’ response?

“We disagree.”

BOOM! An epic bolt from the blue dispatched via iPhone! Take that advertising expert whose insight in this case is right on the money! For those of you who agree with Kopac’s critique of the new iTunes icon, or alternatively, are having trouble locating the program on their Mac’s dock after close to a decade of reliance on said icon, MacLife’s Roberto Baldwin got his geek on after-hours last night to show you how to reclaim that sweet, sweet old school iTunes icon we all have come to know and love.