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Video: iOS Device Speeds Put to the Test

There is a stumbling block that must be surmounted before we as a species can hope to tackle such dark issues as war, famine, and racisim. It is a topic of heated debate, being bickered out in multiple locales around the world as we speak. It is a subject so divisive, that it has torn the bonds of brotherhood and family with the murmur of its discourse.

Of course, we’re talking about what iOS device can claim to be the speediest of them all.

In a bid to allow the world to get on with the business of living, 9to5Mac has taken the time to speed test of a number of iOS devices–an iPad, iPhone 4, a late model iPod touch and an iPhone 3GS–and capture it all on video. With just one look at the footage of all four devices revving up from a stone cold start, you’ll finally understand why you were born:

There. Now we can pool our resources and get to work on that cold fusion thing… or at the very least return to whispering about FaceTime and the front facing camera rumored to be crammed into the next iteration of iPad.

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