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Sunday Sides: iPad Coming To Northern Europe and Free MobileMe?

mobilemeWho says that all the news has to happen during the week?  Today we have a couple of tidbits in that following up on the iPad’s continued global dominance, it looks like Northern Europe shall soon see a rollout of the device.  And then in other news, could we at long last see free MobileMe? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark should soon see that magical device headed their way.  In conjunction with the launch, European carriers Tre, TeliaSonera AB and Tele2 AB announced on Friday that they will offer up data subscriptions for iPad users, but unfortunately details were not readily available as to when the plans would launch and what the prices would be for the data plans.

However, TeliaSonera confirmed that it wouldn’t be selling the actual iPad.  “As things look right now, we will only offer subscription packages for the iPad,” according to Bengt Olsson, TeliaSonera’s head of communications.  “The iPad launch is imminent and we plan to release our subscription offer in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark simultaneously,” he notes.

In other news, as we anxiously await the features of iOS 4.2, scuttlebutt is afoot that perhaps part of Apple’s mysterious data center could be devoted to free MobileMe services.

MacRumors had discovered in the most recent iOS 4.2 betas a “new private framework” that contained error messages that referenced free MobileMe accounts.  Some of those errors included: “The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone” and “This iPad is not qualified for free MobileMe service.”

As AppleInsider points out, while Apple does offer up a 60-day free trial for its currently a year MobileMe service, it’s sort of sketchy as to how exactly an iOS unit would “qualify” for free service.

Regardless, as we’re nearing the end of November, which is when Apple had said that iOS 4.2 would be out, keep an eye on your iOS update during your holiday preparations this week!

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ITC Staff Sides with Nokia Over Apple as Trial Begins

Nokia vs. Apple
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No doubt lost amidst the mid-term elections on Tuesday was another battle brewing in Washington between Nokia and Apple as the mobile device makers are about to have their day in court before the International Trade Commission.

Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia is already getting favor over Apple, at least in the eyes of the U.S. International Trade Commission who claim that “the evidence will not establish a violation” of Apple’s patent rights in a pre-hearing memo released on Monday.

As you’ll recall, Apple is making its case before the ITC in an effort to block imports of certain Nokia products into the United States, alleging that they are infringing on four patents held by Cupertino. Among these are patents for the way a device boots up and another related to power management.

The first stage of the trial kicked off in Washington, D.C. on Monday and is only the beginning of a veritable wave of such patent disputes currently before the ITC over smartphones — including Nokia’s own case against Apple, Apple’s case against HTC Corp. and Motorola Inc. and even Microsoft’s pending case against Motorola.

The ITC staff seems to feel that “some aspects of the patents were invalid and others weren’t infringed.” ITC judge Charles Bullock isn’t expected to rule on the claim until February, and it’s important to note that the judge is under no obligation to follow the ITC staff’s position. The judge’s ruling is also subject to review by the six-member commission, who is expected to complete the investigation by June of next year.

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