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Apple clamps down on iPhone development tools

Up to now, developers for the iPhone have been able to create a broad range of apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using third party tools.  However Apple have recently modified their developer license agreement to restrict using such tools in order to improve the quality of the applications appearing within the App Store.

However, many developers have argued Apples decision to do this, claiming that it is “limiting creativity”.  Apple counteracted the accusation stating that letting developers use tools other than Apple XCode would create “sub-standard apps” and hold back the overall progress of the iPhone.

We at iPhone Connection develop our applications using Apple XCode without using third party tools, reducing the concern of getting your application rejected when it comes to the reviewing process.

iAd targets users by geo-location

iAd for iPhoneThe latest major update of the iPhone OS (4.0) unveiled iAd, Apples own advertisement API (via it’s acquisition of Quattro Wireless).  The API will allow iPhone /iPad developers to easily add advertisements into their apps, leaving Apple to handle the sales of the advertisements themselves.

As a result of including advertisements within apps, the owner of the application will receive a healthy 60% taking of the ad revenue.  During the iPhone OS 4.0 unveiling, Steve Jobs (SEO of Apple, Inc.) mentioned that there will soon be as many as 100 million devices using the iPhone OS around the world, stating that iAd addresses a “serious opportunity” and “doesn’t suck” like most iPhone advertising SDKs.

According to Steve Jobs, clicking on an iAd provided advertisement will be “safe” to the user as it leaves them inside the application (i.e. opening the advert target as a modal window, on top of the application).

We are very excited about this!  Almost as much as when Apple announced “InApp purchasing”!

iPhone OS 4.0 suggests front-facing camera

The recent release of the iPhone 4.0 SDK has inadvertently revealed evidence to suggest that Apple are planning to place a camera on the front of the iPhone for video conferencing using software similar to the desktop version of iChat.

The SDK feature in question was identified by, who noticed that a background service “iChatAgent” runs on the developer release of the iPhone OS 4.0.  The screenshot below shows the service in question using the profiling tools bundled within XCode.

Video Conferencing coming to the iPhone?

iPhone OS 4.0 to incorporate Mobile Advertise platform?

Apple acquire Quattro WirelessFollowing the $750 million acquisition of the iPhone Advertising platform “AdMob” by the search giant, Google.  Apple have recently acquired one of AdMobs major competitors, Quatro Wireless, for $275 million.

Quatro Wireless create tools for advertisements to be embedded into applications running on the iPhone/iPad operating system (currently version 3.0).  The advertisers pay for ad placement within the iPhone applications, whilst giving publishers the opportunity to earn revenue for integrating the Quatro Wireless system.  The placement of advertisements is a common technique within the free (“Lite”) applications within the App Store, giving application developers the chance to earn some revenue, to compensate for the free download.

There is speculation across the iPhone/iPad developer community that the next major update to the iPhone OS (version 4.0) will integrate the mobile advertisement facility within the SKD (Software Development Kit).

Version 4.0 of the iPhone OS is due to be unveiled today in San Francisco and will outline some of the new features to be expected in the next update.  Could this mean the iPhone will finally have the much needed multi-tasking support?  We will have to wait until the update event this evening!