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Apple Scores Three Big Patents


(Image courtesy of Patently Apple)

Lately, Apple almost seems to be coming out with patents so much, the sky almost seems to be the limit.  Today, Apple grabbed three major multi-touch patents, that could have some implications for all things “touch” down the line.

As of yesterday, Patently Apple is reporting that Apple was awarded three pretty important multi-touch patents.  The first, “Portable Electronic Device with Multi-Touch Input,” states in detail the multi-touch input method that’s currently on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple’s link of multi-touch trackpads.  Kind of similar to the input techniques of some of their competition, no?

The second, “Ellipse Fitting for Multi-Touch Surfaces,” is fairly similar to one that Apple had filed last year.  This one tells of multiple input methods that might ring a bell if you’re an iOS user: typing, pointing, scrolling, object manipulation, and so on.  The third, “Simultaneous Sensing Arrangement,” talks of some of the sensing mechanisms that are in multi-touch devices.

You can go check out Patently Apple for the full scoop, but the short and long of it is, that the patents are pretty much for the hardware and input methods that make up multi-touch.

As TUAW points out, you can agree or disagree that Apple innovated multi-touch, but the bottom line is that they now own the patents for multi-touch.  Now, the real entertainment could possibly turn to what Apple will do now that they own the patents.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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