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Id Software's Mutant Bash TV Approved for App Store, Should Be Available for Sale on Thursday

According to a recent tweet by Id Software gaming mogul John Carmack, the Rage-engine-based Mutant Bash TV was approved by Apple’s App Store and should be available tomorrow morning. 

Strangely enough, the title doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else internationally, meaning it could take a bit to filter through the regional App Store networks. Either way, come tomorrow, there shall be enraged mutants trying to kill you–but that’s not always a bad thing.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.



Early Edition for iPad on Sale This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a full featured RSS reader to deck your iPad out with, you could do a lot worse than Glasshouse App’s Daily Edition–a cleverly designed application that takes your favourite RSS feeds and presents them to you in the form of a browsable, searchable newspaper interface that makes reading a pleasure. If you haven’t had a chance to take the application for a test drive, here’s your chance: For this weekend only, Daily Edition is being offered for the very reasonable prive of 99 cents–80% off of the application’s regular price!

Glasshouse Apps has put the Early Edition on sale in celebration of the impending release of version 1.3. This time around, the already impressive iOS 4.2-ready RSS reader includes even more value-added features, such as new ways to share interesting stories and feeds with your friends and colleagues, isolated fetching, a refeshed gesture interface, and the ability to read the original feed for an article via Instapaper integration.

For less than the price of coffee, that’s one heck of a lot of app.


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Plants vs. Zombies Goes On Sale for the First Time Ever

Between celebrating Bejeweled’s ten year anniversary, the release of Peggle Nights, and all that Michael Jackson hoopla, we’ve been hearing quite a bit about PopCap. Well, now the usually quite game giant is pulling out all the stops. PopCap’s fastest selling iOS game, Plants vs. Zombies, has gone on sale for the first time since it was released in February. The reason? It’s Haloween!


Most iOS gamers will have downloaded Plants vs. Zombies and beat it several times by now, but anyone who hasn’t will certainly want to pick it up. If you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t keep up on your iOS gaming news, PvZ is a cheeky tower defense game with insanely colorful graphics in which you plant plants to fight off waves of zombies as they try and eat your brainz (sic).

PvZ help

There’s an iPhone and iPad version, with a select few features on each, so you should probably just get both versions. Both have had price drops of 50%; Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone is sitting pretty at .99 cents, and the HD version only costs .99. But hurry–Plants vs. Zombies bumps back up to its spooky full-price after Halloween.



Mac Museum Of New Jersey Up For Sale

Sooner or later, everything ends up on eBay.  A human kidney? Check. A walk-on part in an Ally McBeal episode? Check. A grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary scorched onto the bread? Check. The Mac Museum of Franklin Park, New Jersey? You’d better believe it. That’s right: The private museum’s collection of insanely awesome Apple memorabilia is up for grabs on the venerable auction site. What could be better?

The seller–ralph122162–is choosing to pass along his collection of over 20 vintage Macintosh computers, some awesome old school peripherals and great collection of Apple memorabilia due to a desire to move into new digs that simply won’t accommodate the museum’s sizable collection. Some of the cooler items up on the auction block include a 20th Anniversary Macintosh, a stealthy Macintosh IIci with TEMPEST, a Macintosh 128k, and even a Macintosh TV!

There’s just one catch: If you want to get your Apple-coveting meat hooks on one of the museum’s relics, you’ve got to put your hands on all of the relics as ralph122162 isn’t keen on the notion of splitting the collection up. However, if you can get past that minor detail, an impressive collection of Apple computing history could be yours in the very near future. 


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IPA God Source Code Available For Sale, Could Enable App Store Piracy

iOS App Store piracy could be right around the corner for non-jailbroken devices if the source code of a new iPhone app falls into the wrong hands. IPA God recently made the news as an application that allows someone with a non-jailbroken iOS device to pirate (download for free) paid applications from the iTunes App Store. Now that the source code for this application is for sale, allowing anyone to purchase and distribute this application to the masses.

App Store piracy has been around for a while, but it is not widely available to people as the device is required to be jailbroken. IPA God works around this by using an exploit the developers found in iOS 4.1 and 4.2.

According to a forum post on iModZone, the developers will be selling their Twitter account, source code, and instructions for using the application. The auction will go until Tuesday at 12PM EST.

According to one of the developers, “our server is located in China…we host a lot of cracked ipas and cracked Cydia apps for years, so we have no problem about copyright since it’s not existing in China!”

This application could be detrimental for many developers that make a living from the iTunes App Store. If the application makes its rounds, this could steal valuable sales from developers. But there is good news in knowing that the application may not work as described as no one has seen the source code. But that isn’t stopping aspiring purchasers as the current auction price is at £20,000 (,242 USD).

The developers did post a video to YouTube showing the application, but we have to question the validity of the app.

You can read more about this application on Read Write Web.


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