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Goldman Sachs Analysts Speculate on Next iPad

Not a day goes by without another salacious Apple rumor making the rounds on the internet. This time, a team of analysts from Goldman Sachs are claiming that their sources have all the information about Apple’s second-generation iPad next spring that will feature a camera, Mini USB port and a lighter design.

Analysts Henry King and Kevin Lu also say that the 7″ iPad is not at all finalized and it’s unlikely that it will be launched ahead of the next iPad update.

Normally, we’d be harping on these sources for even starting the rumors, but we have to admit that this is very plausible. Apple released the iPad during the spring time (Easter weekend of this year, to be exact), so it’s only natural that the company would release an update a year later.

However, we’re still a little unsure about this Mini USB thing. It’s not like Apple to break the barriers of proprietary, and it’s almost doubtful that the company would switch to Mini USB out of the blue. After all, the company makes a profit off of licensing fees associated with their own custom connection hardware.

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