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Facebook Management Denies Apple Buyout Rumors

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It was too awesome a rumor to have been true. After a week of whispered rumors, punditry and the intermittent sound of sighs and facepalms ringing out across the land, it appears that the dream of a Facebook buyout by Apple has been dashed upon the rocks of reality. According to Mashable, who broke the story last week, further information that debunked speculation that Mark Zuckerberg was ready to hand over Facebook’s reigns for a whole lotta cold hard cash is nothing but hogwash.

In a fit of social networking irony, Facebook‘s Director of Corporate Communications, Larry Yu, reached out to a number of tech journalism noticeable via Twitter today, debunking the notion that Apple company was planning on investing in Facebook or that the Cupertino-based company had offered up funding of any kind. We have to hand it to Mashable, who being as skeptical as we are of any Apple-related rumors, mention back when they broke the story that they had their doubts as to its veracity.

Does this mean doom for our hopes of Ping becoming a more useful, less frustrating experience? Absolutely not. Just because Apple and Facebook won’t be joining fiscal forces anytime soon doesn’t mean that they can’t still work together.


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Concurrent Data and Voice Rumors for CDMA Suggest iPhone is Coming to Verizon

As the hourglass turns, so do the days of our lives–and the influx of iPhone on Verizon rumors that flood the internet. We’re hearing reports that the forthcoming CDMA wireless standard could help encourage smartphone manufacturers, like Apple, to make handsets that work on simultaneous voice and data transmissions.

Currently, Apple is already touting this feature on the AT&T network. The possibilities excite those of us still dealing with the seemingly substandard CDMA network, but where the speculation suggests that Apple is considering bringing the iPhone to Verizon is beyond us, as this news mostly sounds like it’s something existing Verizon customers should look forward to, and not those that are merely waiting for a reason to switch. Sure, this is another reason Apple should consider Verizon to host the iPhone, but it’s not at all an indicator that it’s going to happen.

And on that note, whatever happened to the rumors about the white iPhone 4 landing in Apple Stores? Did we forget about that one, too?

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Rumors Of A CDMA iPhone Getting Harder To Ignore

You may recall that last month, we spread word of the scuttlebutt surrounding the possibility of a CDMA iPhone making a debut by the end of the year. At the time, Susquehanna Financial Group told us that a number of overseas suppliers had assured them that they’d been asked by Apple to meet the components necessary for a CDMA handset with a release date in early 2011.

Yesterday, Mac|Life’s Matthew Tillman brought us the news that Verizon wasn’t about to corroborate any rumors of any new Apple hardware on their network, stating that any iPhone news would come from Apple.  It’s our normal practice to advise you not to look at an Apple rumor too closely, but with a non-denial coming from the apex of Verizon’s management, coupled with another credible source spinning the same yarn, it might be worth while to spend some time giving the possibility of a Apple-branded CDMA handset a long glazed-over stare.

In a story posted to the The Wall Street Journal yesterday and then updated overnight is correct, the Cupertino-based tech company is indeed setting the stage for the release of a CDMA version of the iPhone that will see a release in the first few months of the new year. According to “one person familiar with the matter,” Verizon has been dropping a lot of coin on their network to add capacity and is busy conducting vigorous tests on their existing hardware to ensure that the company’s cellular system can handle the heavy amount of data traffic that will no doubt come about with the introduction of the iPhone to their network.

Here’s hoping they’re right: Seeing the iPhone on networks other than AT&T will be nothing but win for smartphone hungry consumers, and will ensure that Apple can move forward with their hallmark product in the game-changing manner that we’ve become accustom to seeing from them.


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Rumors Abound of FaceTime Coming to iChat, Mac and PC

Ahhh, you gotta love the French Mac news sites because they divulge rumors in such a lovely way. Hey, French is a beautiful language, non? Anyway, the rumors from Mac4Ever speculate that iLife ’11 will be announced this sunny summer, but that iDVD will not be a part of the package. Additionally, the site alleges that Apple is preparing to include FaceTime for both Mac and PC by making it a part of the iChat software.

But of course, these pieces of news are all rumors, and should be taken with the tiniest grain of sale. C’est la vie.

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