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Apple Rooting Out App Store Squatters

Ask anyone in marketing and they’ll tell you that branding is everything. Finding the right name for your product can mean the difference between raging fiscal success and utter financial failure for developers. There there are few companies on the planet that understand this better than Apple. The Cupertino-based company has one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Don’t believe us? Flash a photo of their iconic fruit logo anywhere in the developed world and watch people’s eyes light up like a pair of iPod nanos.

OK, that was a terrible metaphor simile, but you get the idea.

With the success Apple has enjoyed in getting the name of their products ‘just so,’ not to mention the trials and tribulations the company has undergone to secure the rights to those names, it’s great to see that Apple’s taking a stand against name-squatters in the iTunes App Store.

It seems that a good number of developers with access to iTunes Connect have been scooping up names for iOS applications that they’ve no intention of bringing to market in a meaningful amount of time. Unscrupulous developers are able to do this by completing the application registration process up to the point where Apple asks that you provide a name for your new product. Having entered that name, the developer can opt to leaving the rest of the registration process incomplete, thus suspending the name they’ve chosen for their imaginary product in limbo.

To end this practice, Apple has begun to send out notices to developers warning them that if they don’t upload a binary of their application by a given date, the name the developer chose for their product would become freed up, making it fair game for others to developers to use. This is a move on Apple’s part that developers and consumers alike should be able to get behind, as making great names available for matching up to great products is a win for everyone.

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