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Apple Patent Reveals Plans for Audio Ports

It looks as though Apple could be ready to fire off yet another salvo as part of their continuing war against buttons and peripheral holes. A war you say?


In 2006, the company did away with one hole by giving us the Magsafe power connector. In recent years you may also have noticed that their video out interfaces keep getting smaller and smaller: You just know that it’s leading to the utter destruction of a physical video connection in their gear. Similarly, the introduction of the MacBook Air and its single dual purpose headphone/microphone jack signaled an impending unceremonial farewell to the presence of microphone port in their mobile devices. If a patent application filed today is any indication, Apple may be just that much closer to perfecting the latter and realizing their dream of a smooth, hole-free housing for their devices:

“A connector for receiving a cylindrical plug, the connector comprising: a body defining an aperture and a cavity for receiving the cylindrical plug; a plurality of electrical contacts in communication with the cavity, the plurality of electrical contacts making electrical connections with the cylindrical plug when received in the cavity, at least one of the electrical contacts mechanically engaging and retaining the cylindrical plug when received in the cavity; and a microphone coupled to the body such that the aperture and the cavity provide an acoustic path to the microphone.”

Compared to some of the more pie-in-the-sky patent applications we’ve seen coming out of Cupertino over the years, this one, a bid to refine their machinations for the impending doom of a physical port they’ve already taken steps to do away with, seems down right reasonable. However, be they zany or straight laced, as we’re always reminding you, it’s best to take any and all patents filed by Apple with a grain of salt as many of them never make the leap from the drawing board into a fully realized product.