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Amazon Releases "Price Check" iPhone App

amazon_logo_0With Black Friday and Cyber Monday drawing nigh, it can never hurt to have another resource to help you score the best deals on the best gifts, right?  Amazon released a new iPhone app today called Price Check, that gives you a new way to go about comparison shopping.

The new app lets users scan the barcode of a product, take a picture of an item or even say the product’s name to be able to access product listings on’s marketplace.  If a user happens to get a match on Amazon’s site, they can then go ahead and purchase it with one click.  But not only will a barcode scan give you pricing from, but other online retailers as well.

Another feature is that you can use the app to take a picture of an item and match it up to books, DVDs, CDs and video games (Amazon’s planning on adding even more categories soon). 

By default, the app will display prices sorted from low to high and will even give you a heads up if you can score free shipping.  The company says that Price Check gives prices on “millions of products” and gives access to customer reviews; sharing via Twitter, Facebook, text message or e-mail link; and immediate purchasing through 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime.

via TechCrunch

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Comcast Releases Xfinity Remote for iPad and iPhone

Comcast is bridging the gap between your cable box and iPad with a new remote app called Xfinity. This remote application lets you not only link and control your cable box with your iPad, but will even let you invite friends to watch the same TV show you are watching.

The application, which will work with both the iPhone and iPad, lets you browse your OnDemand content, search for content, and then switch directly to those channels right from your iPad. You can also schedule DVR recordings of your favorite shows, series, and movies.

Anyone with the following requirements will now be able to say, “Good-bye” to their remotes:

– Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)
– XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service
– Compatible cable/set-top box (for TV and DVR control)
– Comcast ID or Email Address (and Password)

SecureMac Releases New Information About Boonana Trojan Virus

We told you about the Boonana Trojan Mac virus that was discovered by SecureMac just yesterday. SecureMac has now completed its initial analysis of the virus and has new information about it, as well as a removal tool if you believe your Mac is infected.

According to the company’s security bulletin, “The initial infection vector of the Boonana trojan is through a message on social networking sites similar to “Is this you in this video?” which includes a link to an external site. Upon clicking the link, a java applet will attempt to load in the user’s web browser. During our testing, the malicious Java applet communicated with a Command & Control server, and presented an installer window at a random time after accessing the malicious site. This installer did not indicate that it had been downloaded from the web which indicates it is avoiding the quarantine flag typically set by programs such as Safari.”

This virus is still listed as a critical security threat due to the fact that the control servers are still operational. SecureMac notes that this means that servers could be gathering information from infected computers like IP Addresses, and potentially the modification of sudoers file that would allow passwordless access to any potentially infected machines. It is thought that this trojan virus could be used for control purposes.

“In many cases, especially with botnets, the malware might not initially exhibit malicious behavior, but can become active at any time as the command and control servers are updated,” notes SecureMac in the updated bulletin.

You can read the provided by SecureMac by clicking here, and you can also keep an eye out on the SecureMac bulletin page where future updates on this virus will be posted. If you believe your Mac is infected with this virus, you can try running the removal tool found on the bulletin page or by clicking here to directly download the tool.

For more information about the virus stay tuned to Mac|Life.


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Adobe Releases Acrobat X Pro, Adds New Features

Adobe has released a new version of their Acrobat PDF creation and editing software. Acrobat X Pro gives users many new features, including the ability to manage and track your files (including Word and other file types) for a particular project with PDF Portfolios. This new release is sure to make the Acrobat-reliant users happy.

PDF Portfolios aren’t the only new features in Acrobat X Pro, below are all of the new features Adobe was able to pack into this release:

– The Action Wizard helps users automate and standardize multi-step tasks for maximum productivity.
– Users can speed up everyday work by customizing the Quick Tools area for fast access to the tools they use the most.
– Tight integration with allows users to share large files online, streamlining collaboration.
– Improvements made to the Preflight tool enable creative and print professionals to process jobs quickly and accurately.
– Acrobat X Pro also supports the latest versions of the PDF/X-4 and X-5 standards, enabling users to stay current with industry standards.

“With Acrobat X Pro, creative professionals can rest assured their projects will print as intended, which is critical when working under tight client deadlines and with limited budgets,” said Ali Hanyaloglu, product evangelist for Acrobat Solutions at Adobe. “Acrobat X Pro gives everyone involved in the project the necessary tools to create and collaborate so users can quickly obtain client feedback, streamlining the entire design process from concept to approval through final production.”

Acrobat X Pro is available for preorder starting today from the Adobe website for an upgrade price of 9(US) and a new purchase price of 9 with shipping scheduled within 30-days. The four Creative Suite editions (Creative Suite 5 Design Standard, Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, Creative Suite 5 Web Premium and Creative Suite 5 Master Collection) will have Acrobat X Pro in the future releases. Customers that have a support plan will be notified when the update is available.


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Razer Releases Ironclad Mouse Pad, Fraggers Rejoice!

It’s not like any of our readers need an extra edge in order to utterly destroy the Mac|Life staff on Frag The Editor Fridays. You’d have to wander far and wide to find an easier kill than playing against Robbie, Flo and the rest of the gang. However, for some people, simply winning just isn’t enough: For the blood-thirsty elite that understand no quarter can be given, even in virtual warfare, Razer’s latest offering–the Ironclad mouse pad–might be the piece of hardware you need to round out your computer gaming arsenal.

Made of anodized aluminum, and sandblasted to provide the smoothest mouse glide possible, Razer’s Ironclad has been designed to ensure the best mouse-glide experience possible. That translates into a faster response time, letting you scratch that itchy trigger finger just a little faster. In the heat of battle, your Space Marines might run for cover, but the Ironclad will hold its ground, thanks to a non-slip rubber finish on the mouse pad’s underside.  For those of you that need to take your pew-pew on the road, Razer’s been kind enough to include a nifty travel case to protect your purchase. 

The Ironclad is available now via Razer’s website, and you can expect to see it gracing store shelves by November.


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Valve Releases Mann-conomy Store for Hardcore Team Fortress 2 Players

Calling all Team Fortress 2 players! And we know there’s plenty of you out there because you’ve managed to kick our butts–repeatedly–in Frag the Editor Fridays quite a few times now. Valve has released a new online store, caleed Mann-conomy, that will allow players to buy, trade and customize a ton of inventory items in the game’s history, using their Steam Wallets. The Steam Wallets will be accounts that players can add money to–sort of like a gift card.

The first update comes chock full with 65 new items that introduce five new class weapon kits, 18 new hats, and the ability to duel with pistols. The Mann-Conomy will allow BLU and RED mercenaries to finally trade these items with each other, which should add a bit more playability to the game. Players will also be able to duel, which could really increase hostility during matches. We say, bring it on!

There’s a nifty FAQ page if you’re just not entirely sure what we’re talking about here. The Mann-conomy will accept US Dollars, British Pounds and European Euros!

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Adobe Releases 64-bit Flash Beta

image & character via DC Comics

What a mad treasure trove of riches Adobe’s corporate blog has been of late! In the past few days, they’ve waxed over their return to the iPhone application development arena, announced an HTML 5 plug-in for Illustrator and now this: A 64-bit beta version of their love-it-or-hate-it Flash Player! What could be better? According to Adobe the new player, which Adobe has called “Flash Player Square,” is available for just about every operating system under the sun, including OS X.

No doubt you’ll recall that Flash on the whole is not looked at too favorably by some folks at Apple. Much of this comes from the issues Flash has traditionally caused on Macs due to the resource hungry nature of the software. While Adobe’s statement laud’s the 64-bit version of their software for its usebility, it’s worth mentioning that as it is still in beta, Flash Player Square could melt both your computer’s processor and your face. In a bit of doubletalk, Adobe themselves have admitted that “…these new versions are fully functional, so all content should be compatible. We’ve found ‘Square’ to be stable and ready for broad testing, but keep in mind this a sneak peak and not everything will be fully baked.”

That’s fancy corporate language for “we think it should work for you, but we could be wrong.” Feeling adventurous? You can download your own copy of the Flash Player Square beta here.


Adobe Releases HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5

A scant few days after announcing that Adobe was back in the Flash-to-iPhone compiler business, the company let loose word that they’ll also be offering up the ability for web designers to create HTML5-based widgets and whatnot in Illustrator CS5, thanks to a new service pack now available for download. The ability to output HTML 5 content from Illustrator CS5 dovetails nicely with the same ability already enjoyed by Dreamweaver CS5 users. What does it all mean? Given the raging popularity of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, we can all expect to enjoy the same content-rich online experience no matter which device we choose to prowl the interwebz with.

So is Adobe hedging their bets? We believe that the answer was yes. In the time between when Apple disallowed the use of third-party development software and when it became a viable option again last week, iOS developers illustrated that business as usual could be conducted without the need for Flash. With one of their flagship products shown to be redundant in the face of an emerging standard, its simply smart business on Adobe’s part to offer other options to their product’s users. In the end, putting multiple options in the hands of developers is a win for consumers too, as the quality of the software made available will increase as a result.

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Apple Releases Updates for Safari and iDisk, Find My iPhone Apps

We’ve caught wind of a myriad of tres cool software updates pushed live today. For starters, your Safari just got a little more safer, which is great when you’re navigating an internet filled with hungry lions and angry giraffes. The new update fixes an issue that could prevent users from submitting web forms, as well as another issue that could cause web content to display incorrectly when viewing a Google Image result with Flash 10.1. Oh, that pesky Adobe Flash.

Additionally, the new Safari update establishes an encrypted, authenticated connection to the Safari Extensions Gallery. Quick, go get the one that prevents you from ever having to see Comic Sans ever again!

For those of you using Apple apps on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the official iDisk app also got an update. Version 1.2.1 fixes an issue that prevented package files (like Keynote ones) from opening in their corresponding iPad apps. Rotated images are now shown in the correct orientation when opened.

Also, for those of you paying the annual subscription free for MobileMe, the service has a new update pushed live today that addresses issues when publishing your website from iWeb to MobileMe.

Lastly, Find My iPhone also has an update that adds support for the new iPod touch, translation fixes for French, German and Japanese languages, and various other bug fixes.

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