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iPhone 3G S Records in HD

It’s a sorta well known trade secret that Apple likes to pack their hardware and software with more power and capabilities than they give you access to right off the bat. Maybe they’ll activate and roll those out with an OS update and maybe they never do. Now the jailbreak community brings you their latest treasure, uppping the native video recording on the 3G S all the way to HD.


open ssh

Image Source: Redmond Pie

Like we said above, you have to jailbreak to make this work, but if you’re the kind of person who finds the default video recording settings of 640 x 480 at 3Mbps a bit limited, this one’s for you. The steps are a bit more complicated than your usual run of the mill jailbreak app installation including access to the iPhone’s native files through SSH, but the gang at Redmond Pie will walk you through it complete with screenshots.

And what will be your reward when you’ve completed this complicated procedure? How does recordings of 30fps in glorious 1080 x 800 and up to 20Mbps sound? But they didn’t just make some claims about their capabilities? No, head on over for the detailed instructions and see proof in a video.