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Apple-Backed H.264 Receives Free License For Internet Video Use


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Chalk one up for Cupertino.  The MPEG Licensing Authority gave the green light to indefinitely extend royalty-free Internet broadcasting licensing of its H.264 video codec to end users.  The advantage that Google’s WebM once had, comes up short.  It all but means that Apple’s preferred H.264 is the video format for modern HTML5 video out on the web.

What exactly does the MPEG Licensing Authority do?  They manage the licensing of the patent pool for H.264 video compression for a whole range of companies that all contribute to the standard, companies such as Apple.

Granted, anyone is able to license H.264 under non-discriminatory terms.  However, proponents of free software don’t particularly care for the use of commercially licensed video codecs because it puts web content into a format which would require licensing fees for play back (or worse, non-licensed code must be used, thus an ensuing legal battle royal).

via AppleInsider

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