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Adobe Testing Flash Player Optimized For MacBook Air


(Image courtesy of Endgadget)

We all know about the ongoing scuffaw between Apple and Adobe in regard to the effects of Flash Player in web browsing.  But today, Adobe’s CEO interestingly revealed that Adobe has a version of Flash Player in the works that’s actually being geared for the new MacBook Air.

A recent review of the MacBook Air from Ars Technica had made the note that the device’s battery takes a bit of a shellacking when one browses the Web with Flash Player installed on it.  This led Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch to come to the conclusion that it takes more power to display Flash content than it actually does not to display it, and also claimed that HTML5 content along similar lines would use just as much or more power.

That said, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen made the note yesterday that in order to conserve battery, the key is hardware acceleration, and that Adobe has a version of Flash player in the works for the MacBook Air.

“When we have access to hardware acceleration, we’ve proven that Flash has equal or better performance on every platform.” 

Back in mid-August, Adobe had released an updated version of Flash Player 10.1 to bring hardware acceleration to a variety of Mac models.

via MacRumors

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VLC Media Player in Danger of Being Pulled from App Store

Maybe you heard about it over the weekend, but VLC, the open source multimedia player application, is in serious danger of being pulled from the App Store because of a formal copyright complaint.

The official statement is as follows:

“Today, a formal notification of copyright infringement was sent to Apple Inc. regarding distribution of the VLC media player for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. VLC media player is free software licensed solely under the terms of the open source GNU General Public License (a.k.a. GPL). Those terms are contradicted by the products usage rules of the AppStore through which Apple delivers applications to users of its mobile devices.”

The app is still in the store at the moment, but it might not be there for long. Go and get it! [iTunes link]


VLC Video Player in App Store Soon

If this gets approval and the approval sticks (shed some tears for Google Voice), this might be some of the coolest news about the App Store in a long, long time. Could the sound we heard a few weeks ago be the cracking of the App Store and its over-the-top restrictiveness?

A few weeks back, it was fairly big news that Apple was going to let CineXPlayer for the iPad into the App Store. The app let iPad users play their Xvid-encoded movies without the hassle and wait of re-encoding them to be iPad compatible. Now, according to MacRumors, everyone’s favorite all codex-compatible media player, VLC is joining the fray. If you’ve ever downloaded a video to your hard drive, then found you couldn’t play it, VLC was there, patting you on the back, running that movie no matter how it was encoded. It’s long been our go-to solution when the standard video solutions weren’t cutting it.


Citing French website Mac 4 Ever and the developer Applidium, MacRumors tells us that the VideoLan team has given their blessing to the porting of VLC over to an iPad version. Not only have they given their blessing, but the app is already in submission and now we’re just waiting for approval.

But wait, there’s more. Not only will the app be free, just like your desktop VLC player, but that the developer expects to see the release into the wilds of the App Store as early as next week. At this point, the only rumor we’re hearing is an iPad version, but since we never thought we’d see this day, keep your fingers crossed for iPhone and iPod versions as well. (This commentor claims he’s heard a resounding “YES” from Applidium.)

And if you haven’t nabbed CineXPlayer, and you think someday you might buy an iPad, get it while it’s still there. The App Store gods are capricious and could dump this free app at any moment, without warning.