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Apple's Already Planning to Expand New Data Centre

Apple has been busy building one of the world’s largest data centers in Catawba County, North Carolina for some time now. This colossal edifice of silicon, wire and awesomeness is rumored to be the keystone of Apple’s future cloud-based computing ventures. Can MobileMe users expect to see more storage space coming their way? Perhaps, if we’re lucky, Apple will finally start putting the media-streaming know how they snagged through the purchase of LaLa to work for content-hungry iTunes users. No matter what Cupertino has planned for their massive North Carolina data facility, one thing is certain, it’s gonna be big… and stands to get a heck of a lot bigger.

According to All Things D, in addition to the 183 acres of real estate that Apple purchased in Catawba County to build their 500,000 square foot data center on, the company has also bought an additional 70 acre parcel of dirt directly across the road from their new facility resides. What could it mean.

Well, there’s two answers to that one, in our opinion: Either nothing or a lot.

If you can afford it (and Apple most certainly can) than you need allows for some wiggle room should you decide to expand a ways down the road. With this in mind, it seems perfectly reasonable for Apple to purchase a few extra acres for later use should they feel the need to expand the scope of their operations in the area. That said, in the company’s recent history, Apple has seldom left anything to chance. If you’re seeing a product today, chances are, it was planned as part of the company’s road map several years ago. With last week’s roll out of the new series of MacBook Airs, Steve Jobs proclaimed that we were looking at the future of notebooks. Much of the future, as Apple sees it, relies upon solid state drive technology. That technology, while obviously superior to old school moving-parts drives, is wicked expensive for the time being. It could very well be possible that Apple, foreseeing the success of Flash-based  computers, plans on providing a huge amount of cloud-based storage for MacBook toting consumers in order to keep the cost of their hardware relatively low.

So what will it be: Did Apple buy the additional land in order to have room to grow or is it all part of their master plan? Only time will tell how this one is gonna play out.


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Job Posting Suggests Microsoft Might Be Planning an App Store for Office

This is the generation that will never know life without an app store. These days, every tiny device imaginable has its own app store to tout; even the seemingly useless Peek email reading device has apps for social networking.

Now, Microsoft allegedly wants to jump onto this bandwagon with their own app store of sorts for the next next iteration of Office, most likely the version slated for release in 2013.  The idea that they’re considering this comes from a job posting on Microsoft that says they’re looking for someone who specializes in marketing to run their Office Managed group. Part of the job responsibilities include the description that “You will drive the innovation agenda that excites our partners in areas like ‘Office App Store’.” Oh yeah. You know, that Office app store that’s filled with Fart apps for Microsoft Word.

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Rumor: Google Planning Music Store Of Their Own?


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Perhaps it’s a bit of a case of “iTunes 10 Envy”?  Hot off the release of the new version of iTunes, a new rumor out today is that Google is working on negotiating with music labels to try and secure licensing for a music download store as well as a “digital song locker.”

Google Vice President of Engineering Andy Rubin, the guy behind Android mobile OS, has been holding meetings with label honchos to try and sell an in-development online music store, according to Reuters.  The hope is that Google can launch the service by Christmas say sources.

Execs are said to be pretty keen on Google trying to compete with iTunes.  The report says that while the labels are “grateful” about what Apple has done for digital music sales,  the labels are also worried about Apple’s increased share.  Currently, the iTunes Music Store makes up 70 percent of all digital music sales here in the U.S.

“Finally here’s an entity with the reach, resources and wherewithal to take on iTunes as a formidable competitor by tying it into search and Android mobile platform,” according to one label exec.  “What you’ll have is a very powerful player in the market that’s good for the music business.”

According to another exec, “we’re cautiously optimistic because Google has great scale and reach but doesn’t have a track record in selling stuff.”

What do you think readers?  Would a little competition between Google and Apple be good for the music industry?  Or not so much?  Feel free to leave comments below!

via AppleInsider

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