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Apple Offers Optional MacBook Pro 2.8HGHz Core i7 Update

MacBook Pro speed bump BTO
(Image courtesy of Engadget)

Apple was firing with all chambers on Wednesday, with the majority of the focus on its “Back to the Mac” media event. But the company also found time to unleash a few software updates and even quietly offer a speed bump on its MacBook Pro.

Engadget is reporting that the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models can now be ordered with a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor for an extra 0. That’s a bump from the previous 2.66GHz cap, available for only 0 more.

While an extra 0 for a mere 140MHz speed boost may not sound like such a great deal, Engadget figures that “this is almost certainly the Core i7-640M that Intel owned up to just last month, which can turbo to a lap-scorching 3.4GHz under load.”

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U.S. Kindle Store Offers 700,000 E-books

Amazon just hit the Android digital shelves with an update to the app for that platform. Apart from adding voice search and Wikipedia, there was also a nice big fat number hidden in their release documents. 700,000 to be exact.

Straight from TechCrunch, we find that Amazon has been cranking out the ebook titles, adding 30,000 in the last three weeks alone. The current figure is 200,000 more titles than than the Kindle store sported in April, with no end to growth in sight.


If there is any edge that Amazon has over its competitors (apart from the easy reading in direct sunlight that it has over the iPad), it’s numbers. As in a deep well of titles and how many Kindles are out there in the market. Sure, Barnes & Noble claims over 1 million titles, but Nooks aren’t in as many hands. iPads are flying off the shelves, but it’s almost de rigeur to add the Kindle app to your device. Kindle also shows up on Mac and Windows laptops and desktops.

If there’s any long-term hope for Amazon’s Kindle, it’s to keep itself on as many platforms as possible and to keep up this kind of growth. The device itself may eventually die, but as we all know, the device isn’t where the ebook profits are; it’s the title sales. Especially with e-books overtaking paper book sales.


OnLive Offers Labor Day Weekend Fragging On The Cheap

This long weekend, most of us will be down by the lake enjoying noodle salad. However, some will spend the upcoming long weekend bidding adieu to the sunny summer by brewing up a symphony that features the dulcet sound of pew-pew-pew. If you belong to the latter group, this post is for you: On-demand cloud gaming service OnLive is discounting all of their cloud-based gaming offerings by half over the Labor Day Weekend.


In addition to the low cost of OnLive’s already reasonably priced streaming fun extravaganza, the much talked about video game mongers will also be making their AT&T Founding Members program available to users once again. For those not familiar with the Founding Members Program, it’s a pretty straight forward arrangement: Those interested in getting their game on can sign up for a year’s free service with OnLive. After the year has ended, they’ll be able to continue to use the service at the low cost of .95 per month. Not too shabby at all.

In addition, you’ll also be able to enjoy a significant upgrade to Onlive’s offering of services, like the ability to play over WiFi. For all of the gamers out there that prefer to play sans wires, this is great news.

With options like that to keep you busy and indoors during the long weekend, you won’t even care that the sun’s shining.