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Microsoft's Ballmer Denied Full Bonus

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Despite the fact that Microsoft just finished enjoying the highest sales numbers ever seen by the company in a single fiscal year, the Redmond, Washington software giant is none too pleased with Steve Ballmer. According to securities regulators, the outspoken CEO was paid a cash bonus of 0,000–half the amount he could have earned were he not to have fumbled their roll out of the Kin line of mobile phones and responded in a timely manner to the threat of Apple’s iPad.

According to the The Globe and Mail, Ballmer was commended for leading Microsoft to record sales numbers through the sales of the company’s Windows 7 and Microsoft Office software. That’s got to be worth some coin, right? Not so fast, say Microsoft’s powers that be: Ballmer flubbed the handling of the ill-fated Kin’s debut. Due to a series of marketing and logistical misadventures, the handset line was struck from Microsoft’s product line after only three months. Then there’s his slow response to the iPad: Apple’s revolutionary device that has according to some sources, cannibalized almost 50% of the universe’s netbook sales. Say folks–what runs on netbooks? Why, Windows 7 and Microsoft Office, of course. So, between the issues of Microsoft’s shrinking mobile phone software/hardware marketshare and the company’s sluggish response to the threat of Apple’s increasingly popular iOS computing devices, slashing Ballmer’s potential full annual bonus by close to 50% seemed like the thing to do.

Sorry Mr. Ballmer, given that your 50% bonus and annual salary tally up to a total pay package of .34 million, we’re having a hard time finding any sympathy for your woes. 


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