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AT&T Not Afraid Of Losing iPhone Exclusivity


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Does AT&T still see iPhone exclusivity in their crystal ball?  Well, based on some comments from their Emerging Devices head, the company plans on moving forward with their plans, with, or without iPhone exclusivity in their pocket, according to Electronista.


Emerging Devices head Glenn Lurie went to bat today, stating that AT&T would be “plugging along” without making amends to their plans, and that they would still be as successful as before.  Of course he wouldn’t own up to Bloomberg as to when AT&T’s exclusivity ceases, but as has oft been mentioned, signs are pointing to January.


On a side note, Lurie was also “bearish” about tablets such as the iPad, and thinks that the category will go both higher and lower end simultaneously.  While Apple’s iPad spread is currently between 0 and 0, Lurie is anticipating that it could go 0 on the lower end and 00 on the high end of the price spectrum within about the next five years.  At some point, the units will be “full-on computers,” he noted.


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