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iOS Web Browsing Tops Linux in July, Android Far Behind

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Net Applications is reporting today that in the month of July, iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad, collectively) dominated over the lower portion of the OS trends. In August, iOS shot ahead of Linux with 1.13% to 0.85% respectively. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that iOS is now bigger than Linux when counting by web browsing.

In a graph posted to Net Applications, it can be seen that Linux users are very loyal, as the usage percentage has remained roughly steady since October of last year. The graph, however, tells a different story about iOS. It clearly shows that iOS is on the rise, and has been rising even more steadily since the announcement and release of the iPad in April (Wi-Fi only model) and May (3G model).

What about Android? 9to5 Mac reports that the Android OS accounts for only 0.2% of web browsing.

Net Applications vice president, Vince Vizzaccaro said, “Whatever the sales are, we’re seeing iOS totally dominate the market on the Web. iOS has nearly a 6:1 advantage over Android.”

With the recent Apple Music Event, Apple unveiled a new iPod touch with FaceTime integration. This may mean that iOS market share on the web could increase throughout the rest of the year.

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