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Boxee Releases New Beta, Adds Huge Movie Library


Boxee’s newest beta is out today, and available for download now. For those of you not in the know, Boxee is an all-in-one social media platform for your media needs, and it just got better.

The newest Boxee release adds a fancy new Movie Library, which you can now access by selecting “Movies” from the main screen. With it comes thosands of free movies, from sources EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI, and OpenFilm. The movies are free, but ad supported. According to Boxee, even more movie sources will be added in the future. You can search for movies to watch now, and queue up films for later, much like Netflix’s Instant Watch, except without the monthly fee.

Boxee admits the new library is a little rough around the edges–for instance, not all movies have artwork yet. But, they wanted to get the new feature out there, and we certainly appreciate it. The update also adds over 100 bug-fixes. So, regardless of whether you’re partial to Boxee, Plex, or Front Row, it looks like this is an update worth checking out!


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