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Mac Museum Of New Jersey Up For Sale

Sooner or later, everything ends up on eBay.  A human kidney? Check. A walk-on part in an Ally McBeal episode? Check. A grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary scorched onto the bread? Check. The Mac Museum of Franklin Park, New Jersey? You’d better believe it. That’s right: The private museum’s collection of insanely awesome Apple memorabilia is up for grabs on the venerable auction site. What could be better?

The seller–ralph122162–is choosing to pass along his collection of over 20 vintage Macintosh computers, some awesome old school peripherals and great collection of Apple memorabilia due to a desire to move into new digs that simply won’t accommodate the museum’s sizable collection. Some of the cooler items up on the auction block include a 20th Anniversary Macintosh, a stealthy Macintosh IIci with TEMPEST, a Macintosh 128k, and even a Macintosh TV!

There’s just one catch: If you want to get your Apple-coveting meat hooks on one of the museum’s relics, you’ve got to put your hands on all of the relics as ralph122162 isn’t keen on the notion of splitting the collection up. However, if you can get past that minor detail, an impressive collection of Apple computing history could be yours in the very near future. 


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