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Greenpois0n Jailbreak Tool Released, Mac Version Incoming

Greenpois0n jailbreak
(Image courtesy of TUAW)

It’s been a chaotic week in the jailbreak community, with not one but two new tools released to free your iOS devices — but for now, you’ll need a Windows computer to make the magic happen.

TUAW is reporting
that the Chronic-Dev Team has released their “greenpois0n” jailbreak tool, which was first expected on Sunday, October 10 only to be sideswiped by the return of George “geohot” Holtz, who swept back into the hacker community a day early with his own “limera1n” tool. Limera1n uses a completely different hole in Apple’s firmware than the previously discovered SHAtter exploit, which was originally planned for Greenpois0n.

Rather than waste two firmware exploits and risk that Apple will wind up closing them both with next month’s iOS 4.2 release, the Chronic Dev-Team decided to do the responsible thing and delay Greenpois0n so they could implement Geohot’s exploit and save their own for a future firmware update.

A number of early Limera1n users reported problems with Geohot’s software, which has mostly been worked out after a series of updates. Greenpois0n promises to be less buggy, having already been run through its paces over the last few months.

While Limera1n is a Windows-only program, the Chronic Dev-Team is working hard to produce a Mac version of Greenpois0n, which is expected soon (in addition to a Linux version as well). Greenpois0n currently supports newer devices such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch third and fourth generation and the iPad; support for older devices will be added in a later release.

Enterprising Windows users who want to jailbreak their device now can download the tool from the Greenpois0n website — but as always, such software comes with a warning that you could mess up your device or lose valuable data, so make sure to back things up in iTunes first. Should something go wrong, you can most always restore your device and get things back to normal.

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Limera1n Jailbreak Released for iOS 4.1 is Windows Only

The Limera1n jailbreak is ready and willing for your 4.1 iOS device–and at this point, we really hope it’s not the iPhone 3G that’s running that thing.

But here’s the kicker of the Limera1n jailbreak: it’s for Windows only, and it’s not expected to work with Apple TV (though the website says it’s “technically supported”) or come available for Linux and OS X users for quite some time.

In addition, the jailbreak that was supposed to be released yesterday, Greenpois0n (remember? that whole 10/10/10 thing?) has been put on hold while the team clicks and clacks away at the Limera1n jailbreak to actually bring it to the appropriate demographic.

Anyway, so if you have dual booting on your Mac, you’ll probably be able to play around with this thing. But if you don’t, then you’re just going to have to wait awhile with the rest of us. Le sigh.

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iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Due 10/10/10?


(Image courtesy of

Been awhile since we’ve heard from the jailbreaking lads!  Well that may soon change.  Word has it, that we could possibly see an iOS 4.1 jailbreak due on 10/10/10 at, you guessed it…10:10:10 AM GMT.  How appropriate, no?

According to the gang at TUAW, Joshua Hill, who also goes by p0sixninja, let out a tweet that a public iOS 4.1 jailbreak is imminent.  Said jailbreak, being codenamed greenpois0n, should see the light on Sunday, October 10th, provided no technical difficulties. 

The jailbreak will utilize the SHAtter exploit developed by @pod2g, which is based on a crash that was discovered by Hill and should work on newer iOS 4.1 units, like the new Apple TV, iPod touch 4g, and iPhone 4. 

Keep an eye out this weekend all!

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Video: New Apple TV Running SHAtter Jailbreak

Apple TV SHAttered
(Image and video courtesy of The Dev-Team Blog)

With the second-generation Apple TV now in the hands of most early buyers, the pieces of the jailbreak puzzle are finally falling into place as the pending SHAtter exploit has now been unleashed on the new device.

The Dev-Team Blog has updated their earlier post showing a fourth-generation iPod touch running the new SHAtter exploit, which has now been ported to the new second-generation Apple TV that landed in the hands of customers this week. The exploit has not been released to the public as yet, but promises to jailbreak all iOS-based devices, potentially for life.

“It’s confirmed,” The Dev-Team writes on their blog. “SHAtter can trick Apple’s new AppleTV 2G into restoring to a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool too! Literally the only UI application on the ATV is, but now the window is open for jailbroken apps of all varieties.  (Just like the early iPhone days, the only apps you’ll see on the AppleTV will be jailbroken ones).”

If you’re not familiar with jailbreaking, it’s essentially a way to enable writing to an Apple device, particularly with the intent of running apps or mods that might otherwise not get approved by Apple. PwnageTool has long been one of the best ways to create custom firmware, combining Apple’s iOS with hacker tools which are then used to restore an iDevice via iTunes.

As we told you about earlier this week, the “LowTide” app that The Dev-Team refers to is the Front Row-based user interface you see running on the new Apple TV when you boot it up, providing the various menus for the device. That app has already been ported over to an iPod touch as part of the ongoing effort to hack the new ATV.

Right now, having SHAtter running on the Apple TV doesn’t mean much since no apps have been written or modified to run on the device, but it’s a first step toward further coolness to come. The Dev-Team have kindly provided the embedded YouTube video below, showing root access into the ATV box via SSH which ends with showing that the box has indeed been SHAttered.

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iPad gets Jailbroken, a week after release

Many sources around the web suggest that the iPad has been hacked to run the “Blackra1n” jailbreaking software, allowing users to illegally download “cracked” applications from the App Store.

Although the sources may be only be hype, we suspect that it won’t be long before the iPad platform is hacked, given that the API is more or less identical to the iPhone OS.  Apple have recently taken measures to suspend accounts suspected to be downloading such software illegally, so watch out jailbreakers!