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Home Screen Wallpapers Not Actually Available on 2nd-gen iPod touch or iPhone 3G

It appears that the iPod touch 2nd generation and iPhone 3G does not support wallpapers on the Home screen after all. It does still have the nifty selection of wallpapers, however, though they’re only available on the lock screen.

This is sort of a surprise considering that that both the US and Canadian Apple sites say that both devices are compatible with the 4.2 software update.

From the US site:

From the Canadian site:

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Video: Can Your iPod nano Walk? This One Can!

Dancing iPod nano

It’s nice to sometimes take a break from reporting about mythical products such as the Verizon iPhone or the Facebook Phone and just kick back for 35 seconds and watch video of an iPod nano walking. Wait, what…?

Mashable is reporting that an enterprising hacker known only as PachimonDotCom has taken to YouTube to share his love of robotic wizardry with the world. After previously turning both the iPhone and the iPad into dancing robots, he’s now set his sights on Apple’s new diminutive iPod nano — and judging from the embedded video below, we’d say he’s succeeded nicely.

While PachimonDotCom’s previous efforts involved utilizing iOS to create “faces” for the iPhone and iPad, that proved to be trickier for the iPod nano, especially since its proprietary OS doesn’t allow installation of apps. So how did this enterprising hacker get around the dilemma? The eye animation was created with a simple animated GIF.

Getting the iPod nano to dance required a little more ingenuity: “For this project, I have developed very simple way to control two servo motors by iPod nano: using the sound from headphone jack as PWM signal that controls the servo motors!” the hacker explains on his YouTube channel. “Yes, two servos are powered by miniature 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po battery and control lines are directly connected to headphone jack! Very simple!”

If you’re as fascinated by dancing Apple mobile devices as PachimonDotCom is, the hacker encourages folks to follow him on Twitter and of course, you can always subscribe to his YouTube channel as well to see what he’ll come up with next. Dancing Apple TV, anyone…?

(Image and video courtesy of Mashable and PachimonDotCom)

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iLoveHandles Fashions Your iPod nano Into a Wristwatch

Y’know, when we first laid eyes on the new iPod nano in clock mode, we definitely thought that it resembled a twentieth century pocket watch. Well, apparently it doesn’t have to stay in your pocket. The new iLoveHandles “Rock Band” turns your iPod nano into a wrist watch, so you can use your nano to check the time or keep it clipped onto your wrist for easy playlist access.

The iPod nano Rock Band costs .95 and is available online.

Oh, and check out this cool reader mail we got from David A. Logan, who fashioned his own iPod nano wristwatch.

Way cool!

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iFixit Tears Apart the 6th Generation iPod nano

Click image to embiggen

If you like seeing Apple products get dissected, then you’ll love the 6th generation iPod nano teardown from iFixit. In typical iFixit style, they break out all of the tools in order to crack open the latest Apple device. Not surprisingly, iFixit notes that the insides of the iPod nano is very similar to the insides of the iPod shuffle, which share an almost identical form factor.

Of course, with a smaller form factor comes repair difficulties. iFixit gave the 6th generation iPod nano a repairability rating of 5 out of 10, with 10 being easiest to repair. This rating was given because the battery connectors are soldered onto the logic board and a heatgun was needed to remove the display.

You can see the full teardown and read notes from iFixit on their website.

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Apple Peel iPod Case Coming Soon to America

For those of you harboring a bit of buyer’s remorse having shelled out the money for an iPod touch, when the device you truly wanted was an iPhone, we’ve got some cold comfort for you today. A while back, we told you about a dandy case called the Apple Peel that provided 3G cell phone capabilities to the iPod touch. It was the stuff of fairy tales: a reasonably priced case that allowed iPod touch users to get their smartphone game on. We all looked at it, wondering how well it’d work. Would the Apple Peel fill our needs? Could those still clinging to their Motorola RAZR handsets finally enter the new decade? Only those with access to the Chinese black market could know for sure, as the case wasn’t readily available stateside.

Until now.

That’s right folks, according to a press release issued by GoSolar, the Apple Peel 520 will be hitting our shores in the very near future.

So, what does it do? Here’s the lowdown: The Apple Peel 520 is an enclosure for an iPod touch that hosts an additional battery, SIM card and all the fixings required for you to transform your lowly iPod touch into the fully functional smartphone stud you always knew it could be. By slapping an Apple Peel case on your iPod touch, you’ll gain access to close to five hours of talk time and close to 120 hours of stand by use. There’s no word on what the device will cost as of yet, but we can only imagine that it’ll be significantly less expensive than the sticker price of a new iPhone 4.


Over 45 Million iPod touch Units Sold to Date, New Model Now Shipping

iPod touch 4G
(Images courtesy of MacRumors)

Customers who preordered their 2010 model iPod touch after they were announced last Wednesday are starting to get shipment notifications today. Meanwhile, a market research firm estimates that more than 45 million iPod touches have been sold to date out of the total 120 million iOS devices in the market.

MacRumors has a pair of iPod touch updates today. The first one is reporting on new data from market research firm Asymco, who estimates that the iPod touch makes up 38 percent of the iOS device market share, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed was currently at 120 million during his introduction to the media event held last Wednesday in San Francisco.

Asymco arrived at a figure of more than 45 million units for the iPod touch over its lifetime, which they arrived at by factoring in 59.6 million iPhones sold through June of this year (according to Apple’s own SEC filings) as well as 3.2 million iPads sold to date. Making an assumption that eight million more iPhones and four million more iPads were sold in July and August, the math deduces that the iPod touch has racked up 45.2 million units sold to date.
iPod touch 4G shipment information
On the heels of this new data, the tech blogs have been lit up today with word that initial preorder units of the new, fourth-generation iPod touch model are now shipping, with delivery estimates between September 10 and 14. Since it’s Labor Day here in the U.S., we can assume that these units are probably coming from Shenzen, China since neither UPS nor FedEx are working today.

If you haven’t ordered your new iPod touch yet, the Apple Store still shows delivery with one week, and MacRumors notes that customers in other countries are also seeing estimates of five to seven business days. So what are you waiting for?

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Fourth-Gen iPod touch Vibrates, Apple Product Shots Have Errors

iPod touch 4G vibrate motor
(Images courtesy of AppleInsider)

Lost amidst the flurry of new product announcements last Wednesday is another new feature for the fourth-generation iPod touch: Vibration, similar to what is offered in the iPhone. Meanwhile, Apple’s own product pages contain icons that shouldn’t be on the new media player.

AppleInsider has rounded up a couple of details on the new fourth-generation iPod touch. The first is a subtle new product feature that wasn’t mentioned during last Wednesday’s rapid-fire media event — the new iPod touch includes a motor enabling vibration on the device, similar to what’s found in the iPhone.

The vibrate motor was discovered by Multi-Touch Fans while combing through an FCC teardown of the fourth-generation iPod touch last week following the announcement. The website claims that the vibrate motor, which is similar to ones found in phones manufactured by Samsung, “isn’t the most aggressive, although definitely isn’t terrible.”

Indeed, the new iPod touch page on Apple’s website does mention its new vibration feature — but claims that it’s only used as an alert for FaceTime calls. “If somebody wants to start a video call with you, you’ll receive an invitation — along with a vibrating alert — on your iPod touch asking you to join,” the page notes.

iPod touch 4G Phone iconMeanwhile, it appears that Apple’s graphic designers have goofed up some of the new iPod touch screenshots that appear on the company’s website. Engadget notes that two photos on product pages clearly show the Phone application present in a product shot of the iPod touch (featured here), and another which shows the Messages app in Spotlight search.

Given that the new iPod touch now has FaceTime calling features, perhaps the Phone icon isn’t a mistake after all — we’ll all know soon enough, as the new device is supposed to start making the rounds this week.

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iPod touch Found Lacking In the Face of iPhone 4

Not only is the iPod touch the confirmed king of portable media devices, topping out the sales charts (most of the time) at tech shops around the world, it’s also a great alternative to an iPhone 4, if for whatever reason you decide that buying an Apple smartphone just isn’t for you. With no monthly cellular fees attached to it, and nary a need for a contract, the iPod touch has become, for many people, the perfect mobile companion. With the release of the latest version of the iPod touch, this has never been more true: everything that makes it a great choice for handling all of your media needs has been vamped up to be just that much greater. For those of you that missed this week’s media event, the list of the new and improved media player’s abilities was pretty impressive: A retina display, front and rear facing cameras and the ability to engage in FaceTime calls over WiFi will no doubt put the device on more than a few people’s must-buy list for the upcoming holiday season. Consumers, however, should beware that while the iPod touch is indeed all that and a bag of potato chips, when compared to the iPhone 4 the diminutive obelisk will come up looking a little short.

Let’s start with the camera: Yep, it’s got two of them, but still, pictures on the iPod touch only boast an image resolution of 960×720. While those sorts of images will be just fine for posting to social media sites or sending to folks over the internet, you certainly won’t find the results worthy of printing out for framing. We have to say, it’s a strange matter of course for a device that can shoot some pretty respectable-looking high-definition video. Those planning to use the iPod touch as an in-car navigation device will also be left out in the cold. As with previous generations of the device, the iPod touch doesn’t have built-in GPS hardware. So, while you could use it near a hotspot to download route directions or plan a trip, updating those directions on-the-fly just isn’t in the cards. Oh, and don’t even think about trying to snag accurate location information: Unlike the iPhone, the touch is forced to guesstimate its general whereabouts based upon the orientation of nearby WiFi hotspots. That’s not an ideal navigation solution to say the least.

However, despite its shortcomings in the face of the device’s pricier cousin the iPhone 4, everything that makes the iPod touch awesome–some of the best mobile gaming on the planet, being a solid MP3 player, brilliant user interface and boasting a beautiful screen for watching and editing video–make the multimedia device a contender that warrants the attention of consumers once again. Just be sure, before you buy, that you understand it ain’t no iPhone. For more comprehensive coverage of the latest version of the iPod touch, be on the lookout for our full review of the device here, in print and of course in the MacLife App for iPhone and iPad!


iPod nano Cases, Mockup Show Possible Dramatic Redesign

iPod nano 2010 mockup
(Images courtesy of AppleInsider and

If you just can’t sleep until Wednesday’s Apple media event that’s sure to reveal the next generation of iPods, look closely at the mockup image above — that may very well be your next iPod nano.

AppleInsider is reporting that evidence is piling up quickly regarding the next iPod nano, which will be “dramatically redesigned” and features “a significantly smaller form factor.” The image above is not an actual product shot, but a rendered mockup from a case supplier showing how their screen protector product would be used on such a device., a global online business-to-business trading platform, is now offering both cases (as shown below) and screen protectors for the supposed iPod nano 2010 model, which appears to feature a touchscreen interface similar to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Although the render above features Wi-Fi connectivity, there is no hard evidence at this point to suggest that’s a reality, and AppleInsider considers it speculation on the part of the supplier.

The screen protectors are being sold by Jiangmen VIPO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. which is specifically cited as being for a sixth-generation iPod nano. Likewise, the case image below is from another seller, Orient King, who offers the diminutive cases in a variety of colors — and they do indeed feature space for the standard 30-pin dock connector which Apple has been using for years.

iPod nano 2010 case

We won’t have to wait much longer — Apple’s media event kicks off at 10 am PST on Wednesday, September 1 in San Francisco and will be liveblogging all the gory details.

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