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Why a software fix won't fix iPhone 4 reception issues

Apple has admitted that the software update for the Iphone 4 antenna flaw will not fix the problem of dropped connections.

Steve Jobs has described the fact that people have to use the expensive gadget in their right hands, or hold it in just the ‘right’ way to avoid suffering signal losses, as a “non-issue”.
However many expected that the software geniuses at Apple would create a fix for the problem.
Now according to Apple’s favourite magazine Gizmodo, Applecare has confirmed that the upcoming software update won’t fix the Iphone 4 transmission and reception problems.
Applecare is saying that the solution is to spend more money and buy a case or hold the phone just as Steve tells you.

Not that software was likely to fix a hardware design problem, but many Apple fanbois secretly believed that Steve would not force them to put up with a broken phone.
Instead Apple seems to think that a cosmetic change to the signal strength bar display will make users happy. But it won’t.

Applecare three times confirmed to Gizmodo that the software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal to make it more accurate.
Gizmodo is calling for Apple to issue free cases to fix the problem. Meanwhile Iphone 4 sales continue to go through the roof. Which sadly goes to show that Apple fanbois are not actually interested in buying a product that “just works”, they are interested in buying an expensive object with a fruit logo on it.

Source: The Register