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Photographer Harry Sandler Exhibits iPhone 4 Imagery

Photographer Harry SandlerIf you happen to be in the Indianapolis area between now and the end of the year, you might want to stop by the Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery — they’re featuring an exhibition of rock ’n roll photographer Harry Sandler’s images, which were all captured using the iPhone 4.

Allusions of Reality is the name of photographer Harry Sandler’s exhibition, which features images from his frequent travels to various parts of the world. Of interest to Apple fans is the fact that Sandler captured and processed all of the images in this gallery using his iPhone 4 and a variety of apps straight from the App Store.

Sandler’s gallery show includes images from such locales as Iceland, Spain, Scotland, Canada and numerous points across the United States, stretching from New York City to Santa Monica — and all points in between. The images feature spontaneous “snapshots” of life taken through the iPhone 4, which the photographer compares to the first Polaroid camera his father gave him at age six.

Harry Sandler - Old Silver Beach

“The iPhone is eerily reminiscent of that first Polaroid,” Sandler explained. “A virtual camera and darkroom in your pocket. Only now with the advent of iPhone 4 applications, one can alter the image to suit that internal vision. It also allows me to push the rules and add my own touch to each and every image — right there on the spot. Additionally, I enjoy the ability to post the images instantly on various platforms on the World Wide Web and gain instant feedback from around the world.”

Harry Sandler - Portree Hotel

Sandler isn’t just any guy who bought an iPhone 4 and decided to take up photography — he’s a rock ’n roll photographer with impressive credits for the likes of Rolling Stone and Circus magazines to his name. In addition to serving as a Film and Video Producer and Tour Manager, Sandler has worked with some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Barbara Streisand, John Mellencamp, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Jewel, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks.

Harry Sandler - Wickassett, Maine

Harry Sandler’s Allusions of Reality exhibition is running through December 31, 2010 at the Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery located at 246 Main Street West in Carmel, Indiana (located in the Carmel Arts & Design District). Daily exhibition hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm each day, and admission is free. Sandler’s work is also joined by Miami-based friend and fellow photographer Barbara M. Ventura and her Majesty Unfolding gallery.

For more information or directions to the exhibition, please call the gallery direct at 317-506-8477. In the meantime, enjoy a few samples of Sandler’s iPhone 4 imagery right here on and head to Sandler’s website for more of his work.

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(Images courtesy of Harry Sandler and Andy Wilson, Copyright © Harry Sandler Productions, Used by Permission)


Amazon Releases "Price Check" iPhone App

amazon_logo_0With Black Friday and Cyber Monday drawing nigh, it can never hurt to have another resource to help you score the best deals on the best gifts, right?  Amazon released a new iPhone app today called Price Check, that gives you a new way to go about comparison shopping.

The new app lets users scan the barcode of a product, take a picture of an item or even say the product’s name to be able to access product listings on’s marketplace.  If a user happens to get a match on Amazon’s site, they can then go ahead and purchase it with one click.  But not only will a barcode scan give you pricing from, but other online retailers as well.

Another feature is that you can use the app to take a picture of an item and match it up to books, DVDs, CDs and video games (Amazon’s planning on adding even more categories soon). 

By default, the app will display prices sorted from low to high and will even give you a heads up if you can score free shipping.  The company says that Price Check gives prices on “millions of products” and gives access to customer reviews; sharing via Twitter, Facebook, text message or e-mail link; and immediate purchasing through 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime.

via TechCrunch

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Home Screen Wallpapers Not Actually Available on 2nd-gen iPod touch or iPhone 3G

It appears that the iPod touch 2nd generation and iPhone 3G does not support wallpapers on the Home screen after all. It does still have the nifty selection of wallpapers, however, though they’re only available on the lock screen.

This is sort of a surprise considering that that both the US and Canadian Apple sites say that both devices are compatible with the 4.2 software update.

From the US site:

From the Canadian site:

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Head to Head Parrot AR.Drone Shooter Game En Route to iPhone for November 26

Ok, this is reminding me that the toys of my youth were significantly less awesome than what’s on the market today. Per Touch Arcade, a new game is in the works for the super-awesome Parrot AR Drone Wi-Fi quadricopter. The app, known as AR. Pursuit, will function as a “two-player pursuit game” that will have a duo of AR.Drone-equipped people shooting it out in a digital space while flying their Drones in the real world.

Here’s how it works: the game uses the Drone’s front-facing cameras and renders in bullets and missiles when players choose to fire. To avoid game-death, players will need to maneuver their drones in various directions, hiding and assaulting their opponent as needed.

The game, which will hit on November 26 and retail for .99, can be played indoors and outside, provided a stable Wi-Fi connection can be accessed. Parrot recommends that you use those indoor stickers if you plan to play indoors, and obviously you’ll want to pick a place that’s large enough to move a radio-controlled craft around in.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, take a gander at the video:


Comcast Releases Xfinity Remote for iPad and iPhone

Comcast is bridging the gap between your cable box and iPad with a new remote app called Xfinity. This remote application lets you not only link and control your cable box with your iPad, but will even let you invite friends to watch the same TV show you are watching.

The application, which will work with both the iPhone and iPad, lets you browse your OnDemand content, search for content, and then switch directly to those channels right from your iPad. You can also schedule DVR recordings of your favorite shows, series, and movies.

Anyone with the following requirements will now be able to say, “Good-bye” to their remotes:

– Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)
– XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service
– Compatible cable/set-top box (for TV and DVR control)
– Comcast ID or Email Address (and Password)

Glassgate: Apple Stops Selling Slide-On iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone 4 in Mophie case
(Image courtesy of Cult of Mac)

Following rumblings in recent weeks that Apple is facing yet another iPhone 4-related challenge with “Glassgate,” it appears the company has pulled all slide-on cases for the handset from their retail stores over concerns about dirt causing scratches and cracks.

Cult of Mac has filed an exclusive report on what’s being called “Glassgate” — potentially the next headache for Apple over their wildly successful iPhone 4 after the company finally put their previous “Antennagate” troubles behind them. The new problem involves slide-on cases for the handset, which can cause trapped dirt between the case and the device to create scratches or even cracks in the glass.

The report finds that at least one manufacturer certified for Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program has already had “hundreds of thousands” of battery pack cases pulled by Apple Retail, just as the holiday season kicks into gear — a huge problem considering that Apple’s 317 retail stores is considered the biggest outlet for many such accessory makers.

“Glassgate is a real problem,” said the unnamed source. “Apple is not approving slide-on cases right now for its stores. If they didn’t have a glass back, they wouldn’t have a problem.”

The term “Glassgate” was first coined by Ryan Block with Gdgt, who noted that the glass back on the iPhone 4 is not made from the same super-strength Gorilla Glass used on the front of the device to fend off scratches and other mishaps. Snap-on cases don’t appear to suffer from the same problem as the type that slide onto the device.

“They’re evaluating every case, one at a time,” said another source whose company is considered a popular third-party case maker for Apple’s products. “They’re being very vigorous. We’re still waiting for a final verdict.”

Among the slide-on case products currently banned from Apple’s retail stores is Mophie’s Juice Pack Air, which apparently had “monster” orders from Cupertino in excess of 100,000 units. The cases continue to be sold direct from Mophie’s website as well as in AT&T stores nationwide.

Tim Hickman, the CEO of accessory maker Hard Candy, claims that “Glassgate” is problem of perception, rather than reality — although it should be noted that Hard Candy cases are not sold in Apple Stores, so their business remains unaffected by Cupertino’s current ban.

“I’ve shipped 22,000 units and not heard a single complaint,” the iPod and iPhone accessory veteran said. “If there was a problem, we would have heard about it by now. I’m very suspect that there’s a real issue here.”

So how about it, dear readers? Any issues with your slide-on iPhone 4 cases? Sound off in the comments either way.

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iPhone 3G User Files Class Action Lawsuit Over iOS 4 Upgrade

Steve Jobs introduces iOS 4.1 update
(Image courtesy of AppleInsider)

iPhone 3G users are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore! Incensed over what they claim are “unsavory, dishonest and deceptive business practices” on Apple’s part by crippling their devices with the iOS 4 update.

AppleInsider is reporting on the sensational details of the latest class action lawsuit against Apple, which was filed on October 29 by the law firm of Cohelan Koury & Singer in a San Diego County state court on behalf of their plaintiff, Bianca Wofford. The suit claims that Apple touted the iOS 4 upgrade as a “significant advance and triumph” for the iPhone 3G, but instead what Wofford received was a handset that effectively became a “virtually useless ‘iBrick.’”

Of course, Wofford wasn’t alone — the iOS 4 update wasn’t kind to many iPhone 3G users. The lack of multitasking aside, the update caused the device to act more sluggishly than before, a problem that was mostly resolved with the iOS 4.1 update almost three months later.

The suit notes that the plaintiff’s iPhone 3G went from being 99 percent reliable to “about 20 percent functionality” as a result of the upgrade. The plaintiff also claims that iOS 4 “rendered the iPhone 3G devices virtually unusable, constantly slowed, crashed or frozen” and she appears particularly hostile about the length of time it took Apple to address the problems.

At the heart of the lawsuit appears to be the fact that Apple does not allow downgrades for its iOS devices — with no way to revert back to iOS 3.x when iOS 4 didn’t work out, iPhone 3G users were faced with either dealing with it or buying a newer iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, which the lawsuit seems to consider part of Apple’s “unsavory, dishonest and deceptive business practices.”

According to a separate report from Wired, the suit requires approval from a judge before it is granted class action status, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can read the entire lawsuit in PDF form and judge for yourself.

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iPhone 3G S Records in HD

It’s a sorta well known trade secret that Apple likes to pack their hardware and software with more power and capabilities than they give you access to right off the bat. Maybe they’ll activate and roll those out with an OS update and maybe they never do. Now the jailbreak community brings you their latest treasure, uppping the native video recording on the 3G S all the way to HD.


open ssh

Image Source: Redmond Pie

Like we said above, you have to jailbreak to make this work, but if you’re the kind of person who finds the default video recording settings of 640 x 480 at 3Mbps a bit limited, this one’s for you. The steps are a bit more complicated than your usual run of the mill jailbreak app installation including access to the iPhone’s native files through SSH, but the gang at Redmond Pie will walk you through it complete with screenshots.

And what will be your reward when you’ve completed this complicated procedure? How does recordings of 30fps in glorious 1080 x 800 and up to 20Mbps sound? But they didn’t just make some claims about their capabilities? No, head on over for the detailed instructions and see proof in a video.



That Was Fast: iPhone 4 Sells Out on Chinese Apple Online Store

iPhone 4 sold out at China online store
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

Apple successfully launched its online store in China this week, which as usual includes the company’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS handsets — the latter of which promptly sold out a record-breaking 10 hours later.

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple’s launch of its Chinese online store was apparently more successful than anticipated, with the popular iPhone 4 selling out only 10 hours after the store’s virtual doors opened.

It’s an ironic situation, because with stocks depleted at both Apple brick and mortar locations in China (where the company has stopped selling the handset) and now the online store’s virtual shelves cleared out, the scalpers are the only place to get them — and they were the ones so quick to grab all of the stock in the first place.

“All mobile phones are now sold through the online store and customers must pay the money after the order is made, then the company will distribute it to the designated place for free,” Apple retail store staff in Beijing told People’s Daily.

Exclusive carrier China Unicom claims that availability of the iPhone 4 will improve “after November,” with the same report also claiming that the mythical CDMA iPhone may also debut on competing carrier China Telecom’s network next year.

So what’s behind the rabid popularity of the device in China? According to a first-hand report from MIC Gadget posted on MacRumors, “The people here do not mind about the price, they just wish to buy one and tell their friends that they have got an iPhone 4.”

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iPhone for Pancakes

Someone, we forget who, once said, “There’s an app for that.” Boy, he wasn’t kidding. After the jump see what happens when musician/comedian Reggie Watts showed up on Sirius radio without his gear.


Luckily for Reggie when he showed up on Ron Bennington’s Unmasked, he happened to be packing his iPhone 4 and had a nice sample looper app of some kind pre-installed and ready to go. This is what a master improviser can pull out of his hat when challenged by circumstance, but given an adequate tool. And more and more it seems that iOS devices are becoming musical instruments in their own rights. The result is the brilliant (and dare we say beautiful) little bit of comedy music styling entitled “Pancakes.”

Mmmmmm, pancakes.


Via Crunchgear